Sweden: 76 “Asylum Seekers” to be Dumped in a Resort Town of 50 People

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 3, 2014

Next stop: An historic Swedish resort!
Next stop: An historic Swedish resort!

Sweden is so completely ridiculous, most of the stories coming out of it read like satire.

They are a caricature of suicidal altruism, literally celebrating the destruction of everything their ancestors passed on to them for safe keeping, robbing future generations of their birthright and smiling about it, condescending anyone who dares question their right to do this.


The village of Cold in western Jämtland will soon more than double its population when an accommodation complex for asylum seekers opens up at a local resort.

The 50 residents of the village will be joined by 76 asylum seekers, reports SVT. These sylum seekers will stay at the historic mountain hotel in the village which has been prepared for their habitation.

The Migration Board had a meeting a few weeks ago with the residents of the village to inform them that they will be getting 76 new immigrants at the resort, and many say they are worried about the coming onslaught.

“What we are afraid of is that there are more of them than there are residents here in the village; we just don’t know, this is all new to us,” says one of the villagers.

Asylum accommodation are arranged by the small Stockholm-based HMO Care, one of a number of start-ups that have become involved in the lucrative asylum industry. The company has been contracted by the Swedish Migration Board and will receive a guaranteed tax-financed profit of several million dollars per year.

Translated by Andrew Anglin, master of linguistics.