Sweden Allows Fat Retard to Burn Koran Outside Turkish Embassy

It’s almost like it’s political, no?


Police in Sweden have said they will allow the leader of a hard-right political party to burn a copy of the Koran near the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm, reportedly prompting Ankara to summon its Swedish envoy over the “provocative act.”

Anti-Islam activist Rasmus Paludan, a Danish-Swedish lawyer who heads up the right-wing ‘Stram Kurs’ (Hard Line) party in Denmark, will be permitted to destroy the Islamic holy book during a rally planned outside Türkiye’s Embassy on January 21.

“Sweden’s constitutional laws give strong protection and you need to judge that the value of being able to demonstrate and freedom of expression is extremely important,” said Swedish police spokesman Ola Osterling.

According to unnamed diplomatic sources cited by Türkiye’s state-run Anadolu news agency, the Swedish ambassador to Türkiye, Staffan Herrstrom, was summoned by the Foreign Ministry to discuss the book-burning on Friday, with the sources saying the planned stunt is “clearly a hate crime.”

Sweden’s attitude is unacceptable. We expect the act not to be allowed, and that insults to sacred values cannot be defended under the guise of ‘democratic rights,’” they added.

Sweden is the same country that sent Antifa to attack gays who tried to gay-march through a Moslem neighborhood.

It’s not really clear, in general, whether Moslems or faggots are at the top of the oppression pyramid – what they call “the progressive stack.” So maybe a homo can burn a Koran to show how much he hates rules about gay anal and sluts, and maybe you can smash a homo’s face in who wants to force Moslems to do gay anal.

No one really knows. So it can be selective.

Turkey is an enemy of Sweden, because they are an enemy (supposedly) of the Ukraine. There are other reasons as well. So that tips the scales, and faggots are allowed to burn the Koran in front of the Turk embassy.

This shit isn’t a science.