Sweden Authorizes Another Koran Burning for Some Reason

In Stockholm on Wednesday, there was another government-sanctioned Koran desecration and burning in front of a mosque.

It is very unclear why Sweden invited in all of these Moslems to their country and then started provoking them. It’s a very strange and distasteful behavior pattern that verges on inexplicability.

Firstly, Koran-burning is very vulgar, and anyone who would do it is gross. This was an Iraqi guy who is presumably a homosexual who hates his father. In general, there is no reason to be disrespectful to people’s sacred beliefs, regardless of what you think of them.

With respect to freedom of speech, should people be allowed to do this? Yeah, sure – in a society with freedom of speech, people should be allowed to say whatever and stage whatever political demonstrations they want, regardless of if it is distasteful.

However, Sweden is not a country with freedom of speech. It’s a country with hate speech laws, which explicitly say you can’t “incite hatred against a group.”

This is the problem.

If Sweden was a free speech country, the government would not have a responsibility here. They could just say “oh well, people are allowed to say anything – it’s the law.” In that case, they could pretty easily avoid creating a situation of total outrage among Moslems.

But instead, they have a situation where you have to apply for this kind of sensitive protest, and the government granted the application to these people, explicitly giving them permission to do this. Therefore, it is directly condoned by the government.

I personally dislike the Jews. However, I would not want to burn the Talmud, and would instead want to do a public reading of it.

If I wanted to read from the Talmud, and I applied for a permit to read verses about how Jesus is in Hell in a vat of boiling feces in front of the synagogue in Stockholm during Yom Kippur, do you think the permit would be granted?

Obviously, there are different rules for Jews.

Logically, however, if you were going to make different rules for any group, you would make it for Moslems – they’re the ones who will do terrorist revenge attacks over this sort of thing. That’s just a fact. Moslems do terrorist revenge attacks in response to insults to their religion. Frankly, although I don’t condone it, I do respect it.

Everyone knows this about Moslems. So, if you are promoting people burning the Koran – while other groups are protected – how can you be doing anything other than trying to provoke terrorism?

The fact that Sweden loves Moslems so much that they replaced 20% of their population with them, with an eye to completely replace the entire population, makes this act even more perplexing.

You could come up with all sorts of conspiracy theories – like that Israel wants a war against Iran so it’s time to start provoking the Moslems into committing terrorism. But that would be really convoluted.

I think, basically, Sweden has a lot of Moslems now, and a lot of people don’t like all the foreigners, but the government says that the problem is not that they are foreigners, but that they have a different religion. The logic is that everyone is exactly the same, so the only reason that a Somalian would be a filthy menace is that he follows Islam. This isn’t logical. Most Somalians in the West do not even follow Islam at all. It’s more of a racial rallying point against the local population.

The foreigners are an alien race. Islam might make them especially jarring, as it is an aggressive religion, but let me tell you something about Somalians: they are going to be jarring no matter what. They have bulb-shaped heads, they stink something awful, and they get up in your face.

Other Moslems are repulsed by Somalians.

With the Arabs in Sweden – you have to consider that these are the poorest people in their home countries, plus they are scumbags who don’t care enough to stay and try to help their own country, their own extended families, and would rather cut and run and go rob and rape in Europe.

It’s the same thing with the Mexicans in America: these people are the lowest garbage of their own society, which is the only reason they are here in the first place. If you go to Mexico now, it is much better than America – in no small part because they exported all of their low level genetic waste products to America.

Just so – I would much rather live in North Africa or the Levant than in Sweden. People are friendlier, and there is less violence.

Probably, I would pick Sweden over Somalia. I would have to think about it.

One thing is clear: the Swedish policy of inviting millions of people into their country and then staging government-backed events to ritually humiliate them is incredibly weird.