Sweden Democrats Seek to Ban Foreigners from Begging

Daily Stormer
August 13, 2014

They are enriching our culture.
They are enriching our culture.
The allegedly far right party is taking reasonable actions.

But reason, you see, is codeword for racism.

The Journal:

Sweden Democrats party today proposed forbidding foreigners from begging in the country under penalty of jail time or expulsion.

“Make begging in Sweden an offence for foreigners and impose the punishment of expulsion or an entry ban” for a certain amount of time, the party wrote in a political programme.

According to the party, in a section of the programme entitled “fight against criminality”, there are two types of beggars in Sweden.

“The main reason beggars come to Sweden is to beg in a professional manner. We can compare them to Swedish beggars who often beg because of their homelessness or addiction to alcohol or drugs.

“The Sweden Democrats think that professional begging has no place here in Sweden. We also feel that Swedish social protection must first of all be directed towards, and take care of, our fellow citizens,” according to the document.