Sweden Finally Cracks Down on Invaders, Vows to Deport Old British Woman with Alzheimer’s

Kathleen Poole, 74

Sweden is finally cracking the whip and dealing with the very serious problem of a total invasion of the country.

They’re starting their mass deportation agenda with the people who most threaten the integrity of the nation.

The Guardian:

The family of a woman with Alzheimer’s who is threatened with deportation from Sweden have vowed to do anything they can to stop her removal because of a promise they made to their children.

Kathleen Poole, 74, is facing forced removal from Sweden, her home for 18 years, after immigration authorities rejected an application by her family to stay in the country post-Brexit on the grounds her paperwork was incomplete.

The family pleaded with the authorities in a personal letter explaining her situation but last week were told police were “pressing” ahead with the removal plan, asking the British embassy to find Poole a care home in the UK.

You think all the Arabs who blow up stuff in Sweden filled their paperwork properly?

Her daughter-in-law Angelica says that while she is “exhausted” by the situation, she must keep the promise she made to her four half-Swedish children that their grandmother would not be taken away by the police.

“I want her to stay here and we are going to make sure she does. I don’t know how yet, but I promised the children and I never break promises to my children,” she said.

“I’m exhausted by all of this, I’m really tired because of all of this, but we are not going to give up.”

The Labour MP Hilary Benn has described the case as “deeply shocking” and called on the European Commission to intervene urgently, while campaign groups have called on the Swedish government to act swiftly to stop the deportation.

Campaigners at British in Europe, a grassroots organisation set up to protect the rights of British nationals living in the EU before Brexit, has raised the matter with Brussels.

Jane Golding, a lawyer in Berlin who has co-chaired the campaign group, has also raised the alarm with the European Commission, writing to it last month and again on Monday.

“Kathleen Poole and her family shouldn’t be in this situation in the first place. We warned that it would be vulnerable and elderly people who would suffer when the UK and some EU countries like Sweden decided to go for a system where citizens had to reapply for their status post-Brexit,” she said.

The really sad thing about this is that if the government does do anything for her, the precedent is then going to be used to deport even fewer brown invaders.

The Guardian wouldn’t even report on this otherwise.

Where’s this bitch now?