Sweden: Study Shows Oppressed Minorities are the Majority of Rapists

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When you consider the way that Swedes define rape (i.e., the Weinstein Standard), you have a situation where basically 100% of rapes are committed by migrants, or the children of migrants.

Given that the overwhelming majority of immigration supporters are white women, this implies that women want to be raped or at least enjoy the idea that they might be raped. Or, they’re just stupid, and hate white men so much that they don’t care what consequences hurting white men has for them.


The Lund University found the majority of convicted rapists in Sweden are of migrant backgrounds and nearly half of rapists born abroad in a landmark study which is one of the first of its kind in the high-migration level nation.

The study, which was published online on February 22nd, looked at a total of 3,039 convicted rapists and found that 59.3 per cent of the convicts came from ‘migrant backgrounds’ — first and second-generation migrants.

For those offenders born outside of Sweden — 47.8 per cent in total — 34.5 per cent came from the North African and Middle Eastern region, while 19.1 per cent came from sub-Saharan Africa.

Just under a third of the offenders, or 32.5 per cent, were on some form of government welfare programme, while 38.6 per cent were said to have low levels of education.

The authors of the study noted the paper came across a background of rising levels of rape in Sweden and lamented the lack of other research on the backgrounds of convicted rapists saying, “Unfortunately, studies on rape offenders’ characteristics in a Swedish context are absent and, as far as we are aware, there is only one previous study, which has evaluated this issue in regard to adult male-on-female rape offenders.”

It’s the same in the other Sweden

The other study cited, a 2020 study from researchers at Malmo University, looked exclusively at cases in the city of Malmo but also gound that the majority of rapists, 71 per cent, were from migrant backgrounds as well.

“Our findings are of particular importance for crime preventive efforts. Very little, however, is known about the association between rape and different contextual factors among immigrants in Sweden,” the authors said and called for more studies to better understand the issue.

As early as 2017, Breitbart News reported on the overrepresentation of migrants in case of gang rape, with research indicating that 85 per cent of those involved in gang rapes were foreign in origin.

A year later, Swedish newspaper Expressen reported that almost every man convicted of gang rape from 2016 and 2017 had a migrant background.

Yeah you know, we don’t really see a lot of white gang-rapists.

Gang-rape is a pretty specifically nonwhite behavior, I think we can say with relative, non-racist fairness.

Just a couple extra classes, and everything will be fine