Sweden: “Very Dark-Skinned Man” Wanted for String of Public Attacks on Women

It’s not often that the Swedish police describe a neo-Swede’s skin color as very dark.

This gent must be the noggiest nogger in the North.

Fria Tider (Translation):

Several unprovoked abuses of women outdoors have been reported in Eskilstuna this week. Now the police are chasing a “very dark-skinned man” for the reckless assaults.

Since Monday, police have made several reports of abuse in Eskilstuna, where one and the same offender is believed to have attacked women.

So far, five people have reported that they “have been wholly unprovoked to have been punched in the face or spit in the face by a man they do not know,” police say on their website.

The reported crimes occurred exclusively at Söder in Eskilstuna, except one that occurred in the center.

Those who have been affected are all women of different ages when walking.

According to police spokesman Åsa Willsund, the perpetrator, who was either walking or cycling, has gained the attention of women by tapping them on the shoulder or the like.

The women who have been exposed have left a unanimous signal element, according to the police: a man 25-30 years, 175-180 cm tall, normal physique and very dark-skinned.