Sweden: Youths Chanting “Allahu Akbar” Burn Vehicles, Clash with Police

Swedeism is a religion of peace.


Chants of ‘Allahu Akbar’, police cars set on fire, and officers injured – this is what the run-up to Easter looked like in multiple towns and cities across Sweden this week, after the authorities gave a far-right anti-immigration group the go-ahead to stage rallies, which included plans to burn the Koran.

Unrest broke out on Thursday in the city of Linkoping, where gangs of youths clashed with police, injuring three officers. At least two people were detained.

While the local police department initially spoke of four injured officers and a bystander, it later updated that number, saying that “about ten colleagues” had sustained injuries.
According to the authorities, some of the policemen taken to the hospital had been hit on the head, while others had suspected arms fractures. Police described the events in Orebro as a “violent riot.”

Similar scenes played out in Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, as well as Malmo and Norrkoping.

On Saturday, unrest was reported in the town of Landskrona, with dozens of youths setting fire to vehicles, tires, and trash cans. According to the local police, none of the law enforcement personnel deployed in the town were harmed as a result. Officials noted that tensions were gradually dying down.

The amazing thing about the multicultural project is that there is not even a claim that there will ever be any form of finality.

It’s just going to go on and on like this. The promoters of the project do not claim that it will get better. That’s why it is marketed as both a benefit to white nations and as a punishment of white nations.

Really at this point, everything is so retarded that there is hardly even a need to comment on it.