Swineophile Cameron Promises £3 Billion a Year to the Ukraine Forever, Says Hohols Have a Right to Strike Russia

This guy literally had to stop being Prime Minister because everyone kept talking about how he had sex with a pig. But he’s big in the Ukraine.

That other fat retard, “Boris,” had to stop being Prime Minister because… *checks brain*… because he let someone get drunk and grope people at a party? Is that right? I remember thinking it was ridiculous. He is also very big in the Ukraine.

The whole “pig fucker” thing was goofy. They made an episode of Black Mirror referencing it. It was basically a college frat prank thing, where he stuck his penis (known as a “tiddly winker” in the UK) into the mouth of a roast pig. I’m not really sure that disqualifies you from government.

Regardless of being fired for stupid reasons, both of these fat morons were very corrupt empty suits, and it’s strange that they both end up in the Ukraine – the most corrupt country in the world – doing dirty deals for a dirty war.

The Guardian:

The UK has promised £3bn a year “for as long as it is necessary” to help Ukraine, David Cameron said on Thursday as he made his second visit to Kyiv since becoming UK foreign secretary.

He also said he had no objection if weapons supplied by the UK were used to strike inside Russia.

Lord Cameron – who met the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, and the foreign minister, Dmytro Kuleba, on his trip – has made securing extra arms for Ukraine one of his top priorities as foreign secretary. His announcement is the UK’s biggest spending pledge since Russia’s full-scale invasion in 2022.

In January the UK prime minister, Rishi Sunak, pledged £2.5bn in military aid to Ukraine for 2024-25, an increase of £200m on the previous two years. He gave no commitment beyond that date.

Cameron said in a Reuters interview: “Ukraine has the right to strike inside Russia because Russia is striking inside Ukraine … You can understand why Ukraine feels the need to defend itself.”

He added: “We’ve just emptied all we can in terms of giving equipment. Some of the equipment is actually arriving in Ukraine today while I am here.”

The foreign secretary announced that the UK’s donation of military equipment would include precision-guided bombs, air defence missiles and equipment for 100 mobile air defence teams to enable Ukraine to shoot down Russia’s drones and missiles.

The UK also committed to doubling its domestic munitions production by investing a further £10bn over the next 10 years. This production aims to ensure UK national security while sustaining the flow of weapons to Kyiv, keeping Ukraine in the fight for as long as it takes.

What retard doesn’t understand that this is literally the US/UK/Germany launching their own weapons from inside the Ukraine, into Russia?

Seriously. The weapons are from the West, and they are literally operated by Western people. So you just move your weapons system into the Ukraine, then you can fire rockets and murder random people inside of Russia?

Russia has more nuclear weapons than America. If the West ever did start winning this war, Russia would nuke Kiev and be on standby to start nuking American cities if the US responded.

Is this good?

We are going to have a nuclear war in order to force neo-Nazi and Jewish dominion over a small part of a shitty and poor country that no one can even find on a map?

R U sure?