Swiss Vote to Support Further Invasion and Destruction of Their Society and Gene Pool

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 30, 2014

Good goyim.
Good goyim.

The Swiss people have, apparently, voted against a proposal to cut immigration to levels equal to or less than 0.2% of the population.

I had high hopes for Switzerland, after a few good decisions on the immigration issue, but apparently they have cracked under the threat of getting kicked out of Erasmus. Because the kiddies love that Erasmus.

lol is this seriously what vote-counting looks like in developed Western European countries?
lol is this seriously what vote-counting looks like in developed Western European countries?  What is he pouring those into some sort of machine?  Or just dumping them on the floor so he can pick them up?


The country’s 26 cantons rejected the proposal, with about 74% of people voting no in Sunday’s referendum.

Supporters of the measure argued that it would have reduced pressure on the country’s resources. Opponents said it would have been bad for the economy.

Around a quarter of Switzerland’s eight million people are foreigners.

The measure would have required the government to reduce immigration from about 80,000 to 16,000 people a year.

Under Switzerland’s system of direct democracy, citizens can force a referendum if they muster enough signatures of support.

The country voted in February to re-introduce immigration quotas, in effect opting out of an EU free movement agreement.

The government still has to implement that referendum result, which threw relations with the EU into turmoil.

Maybe the Swiss mind is different as it is already an unnatural multi-ethnic state.  I don’t know.

If they want to be enriched, then they should be enriched, I suppose.

What a waste.

I wish White America could hold such a vote.