Switzerland: Anti-Immigrant Party the Most Popular at 26%

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 26, 2015

You can carry your tears in a jug balanced on your head as you hike back to Africa, you stupid bitch.
You can carry your tears in a jug balanced on your head as you hike back to Africa, you stupid bitch.

Switzerland is a mostly German country which does not get blamed for the Holocaust as much, so they’re able to act a bit more like Germans should.


The right-wing Swiss People’s Party (SVP) continues to receive the highest levels of support in Switzerland, according to the latest survey released ahead of autumn elections. The party is popular for its immigration restriction proposals.

The SVP is the most widely-backed political force in Switzerland, with the support of over 26 percent of the voters, a survey conducted by the gfs.bern research institute has shown.

According to the latest polling figures released on Wednesday, the support for the party with nationalist views is still well ahead of other political groups. The second most popular party, according to the poll, is the Swiss Socialist Party with 19.3 percent of supporters; the center-right Liberals now garner just over 17 percent.

Another survey conducted by gfs.bern has shown that the issue of immigration and asylum seekers is at the forefront of Swiss voters’ consciousness, The Local reported. Thirty four percent of the population said the issue was their primary concern, figures released by state broadcaster SSR on Wednesday showed. Relations with the EU perplex 10 percent, while five percent have ranked environment issues as key.

Regrettably, 26% is still a very low number, considering that 10% of the Swiss population speaks an immigrant language. People should be rioting and occupying government buildings at such a point. And yet only a third of the native population is bothered enough to say in a poll they will support an anti-immigrant party.

Basically, the majority of people have resigned themselves to being conquered.

We need fully autonomous reservations.