Switzerland Tells UN to Look Into Current Technologies to Block Sunlight

The governments of the West have just turned into comic book villains.

They want to mutilate the genitals of children and block out the Sun.

Dr. Doom never did anything like this.

The Guardian:

Switzerland has initiated a global debate on whether the “risks, benefits and uncertainties” of dimming the sun should be studied by a United Nations expert group.

It is proposing that the world body should gather information about ongoing research into solar geoengineering, and set up an advisory panel that could suggest future options for the untested and controversial approach to reduce global heating, which would have implications for food supply, biodiversity, global inequality and security.

They’re beyond trying to prove global heating, prove that humans caused it, prove that it’s bad.

They’re now just trying to kill all life on earth by poisoning everything with green energy technologies, mowing down forests to build windmills, and blocking out the sun.

The Swiss proposal, submitted to the United Nations environment assembly that begins next week in Nairobi, focuses on solar radiation modification (SRM). This is a technique that aims to mimic the effect of a large volcanic eruption by filling the atmosphere with sulphur dioxide particles that reflect part of the sun’s heat and light back into space.


Supporters of the proposal, including the United Nations environment programme (UNEP), argue that research is necessary to ensure multilateral oversight of emerging planet-altering technologies, which might otherwise be developed and tested in isolation by powerful governments or billionaire individuals.

Critics, however, argue that such a discussion would threaten the current de-facto ban on geoengineering, and lead down a “slippery slope” towards legitimisation, mainstreaming and eventual deployment.

Felix Wertli, the Swiss ambassador for the environment, said his country’s goal in submitting the proposal was to ensure all governments and relevant stakeholders “are informed about SRM technologies, in particular about possible risks and cross-border effects”. He said the intention was not to promote or enable solar geoengineering but to inform governments, especially those in developing countries, about what is happening.

You’re not a “relevant stakeholder,” by the way.

Just so you understand.

That term only refers to Jews and homosexuals.