Sydney Official Compares Insane Latest Lockdown with Nazi Germany, Twitter Outrage Ensues

I really don’t think it’s fair to keep dragging poor old Adolf into this thing.

Sure, the Nazis masturbated six million Jews with brutal masturbation machines and then turned them into mattresses and dish detergent, but they never locked anyone in their own house, let alone inflicted a total techno control grid on them.

Sure, after the war got started, there were travel controls, as there were everywhere in Europe, but acting as though what Australia is experiencing right now is comparable to anything in history is absurd.

No one, ever in human history, has been as brutally oppressed as Australia in 2021. That includes Nazi Germany and all of the communist countries – nothing compares with this, or even comes close.

Understand: no government, ever in history, has locked the population in their houses for extended periods, or used the entire population in a forced medical experiment. This is all 100% new.


A Western Sydney official has compared the latest anti-Covid measures imposed on his area by the New South Wales (NSW) state government to the times of Nazi Germany. His comment, since removed, caused a rumpus on social media.

Mayor Steve Christou, of Cumberland City Council, tweeted an official graphic illustrating new lockdown rules on Friday. Having posted the image that warned residents of the mandate that requires them to have a permit to leave the region and to register their personal details to be allowed to visit a “singles buddy” within a five-kilometer (three-mile) reach, he wrote: “Welcome to Nazi Germany.” The comment from the councilor, who describes himself as having “a tendency to speak what I think,” was later deleted.

“Singles buddy” is clearly a euphemism for “fuck buddy.”

Again, you see the face of the matriarchy, and the homo order: what percentage of heterosexual males have a “singles buddy”? 5%? 4%? When you add the “three mile radius” bit, you basically take it below 1% for hetero males.

Conversely, all women and homosexuals have one such buddy.

Yanni deleted his tweet, presumably because it would get him banned from Twitter.

But he’s been rolling pretty hard, generally.

The Virus Regime in Australia is more or less completely unimaginable. It is actually difficult to believe this is actually real.

Under the latest changes to the lockdown rules, residents of several areas of Greater Sydney, including Cumberland, have had their permitted travel radius reduced by half. Those wishing to go beyond that would have to apply for a permit. Only one person from each household, except in special circumstances, is allowed to leave home at any one time to undertake essential errands. Hundreds of defense force personnel, including heavily armed riot squad officers, have been deployed to ensure compliance with the rules. An additional 500 troops will patrol Sydney’s residential areas from Monday, as NSW’s law enforcement agencies launch their stay-at-home operation. Roadblocks have been installed, with police stopping drivers to check their identification documents in a major compliance exercise.

They’re not even hardly pretending that this is connected to the virus anymore. They initially started this new lockdown because one person in their 80s died, supposedly of the virus.

Then they ratcheted it up when someone in their 90s died.

They are more or less just openly saying “we can just lock you in your house whenever we want, and you will obey, because we own your bodies.”

It’s so transparent that this is all about forcing people to surrender their freedom to the government, to submit to slave-training. That’s not even arguable at this point, by anyone with an ability to think. The government just relies on a mass of willing slaves who don’t think, and will get scared on cue through this Pavlovian mechanism.

These enthusiastic slaves lashed out against Christou.

Meanwhile, no one seems to be rallying around him, despite the fact that he’s putting himself out there and saying “let’s go.”

Australian protesters were beaten into submission by cops on horseback.

At least Tucker is finally saying that this is all coming to America soon.