Taiwan Separatist Rebel Lunatic Shows Up in America to Talk About Plans for Massive, Pointless War

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I think it needs to be pointed out that the King of the Eskimos has made precisely zero trips to China.

A lot of people are missing that point in this ongoing discussion.


China on Sunday condemned a brief U.S. visit by Taiwan Vice President William Lai, saying he was a separatist and “troublemaker through and through” and Beijing would take strong steps to protect its sovereignty, drawing a rebuke from Taipei.

Lai, front-runner to be Taiwan’s next president at elections in January, arrived in New York late on Saturday for what is officially a transit on his way to Paraguay for the inauguration of its president.

William Lai

China, which claims democratically governed Taiwan as its own territory, has repeatedly denounced Lai’s trip, which includes another stopover in San Francisco on Wednesday on his way back to Taipei.

They don’t “claim” that, by the way. Taiwan is internationally recognized as a part of China by virtually the entire world – including the United States. Or, at least the United States held this position from 1972 until Joe Biden started making these wild claims about wanting a war.

In a statement issued shortly after Lai landed in New York on a scheduled flight from Taipei, China’s foreign ministry said it opposed any form of visit by “Taiwan independence separatists” to the United States.

“Lai stubbornly adheres to the separatist position of Taiwan independence and is a troublemaker through and through,” the ministry said.

Yes, I would certainly classify him as a “troublemaker.”

No one has even explained the purpose of Taiwan separatism. They already have their own government and so on. What do they have to gain by declaring independence, other than a war?

Most retards are too stupid to even grasp these simple dynamics: Taiwan already has an autonomous government. That is the status quo that China is trying to defend. China has said that they only want peaceful reunification, and they’re basically open to whatever the Taiwanese want to do. Xi has estimated reunification will start sometime in the mid-2040s.

There is zero reason for China to be in a rush to reunify at all, let alone launch a military invasion of the island, which means that this aggression from Taiwan can only be about creating problems.

Taiwan is the “core of China’s core interests” and facts have shown again and again that the reason for the rise in tensions in the Taiwan Strait is Taiwan trying to “rely on the United States to seek independence”, it said.

China is closely following developments and will take resolute and vigorous measures to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

A person familiar with the trip’s planning said Lai will join receptions with overseas Taiwanese during the stopover in New York, during which he will make a speech.

He will not meet U.S. lawmakers, the person said, adding Lai will keep the visit “low key”, in line with Taipei and Washington’s shared position to “jointly manage risks when facing an authoritarian region at this sensitive time”.

Lai, greeted by supporters waving flags as he arrived at his New York hotel, wrote on social media platform X he was “looking forward to seeing friends and attending transit programs in New York”.

Laura Rosenberger, chair of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), a U.S. government-run non-profit that carries out unofficial relations with Taiwan, said on X that she would meet Lai in San Francisco, where he is due on Wednesday on his way home.

Yes. Shockingly, there’s a Jew running the relations with the separatists.

Who could have guessed it.

Just representing the interests of the American people, I suppose.

Right, goy?

The Biden Administration has made it very clear they have changed the status of Taiwan – it’s not “an independent country” somehow (no one in Taiwan even believes this, by the way) – and are pushing for continued escalation.

We’ve said for a long time that you could see some kind of pivot away from the Ukraine, as they keep losing, and a turn towards Taiwan.

Definitely, any move to deescalate the Ukraine situation would be coupled with some blasting hysteria about Taiwan and China. Or, I guess they could just pivot to… multistate conflicts in West Africa.