Teddy Boy the Fat Cuban Moron Gets Slapped Around Again by Gun Control Activist

Ted Cruz just got fricking pwned yet again by a gun control activist while at a restaurant with his family. Some Mexican asked him for a selfie and then started berating him and Ted couldn’t say shit. He tried to say the guy was talking over him and the guy was like “okay, you explain yourself” and he could not explain anything.

New York Post:

A viral clip shows an activist berate Texas Sen. Ted Cruz over his gun views in the wake of the Uvalde, Texas school massacre.

The confrontation, filmed Friday, came hours after the conservative lawmaker delivered a speech at a National Rifle Association convention in Houston.

“Why does this keep happening?” an irate man yells, accusing Cruz of “taking blood money” by giving the speech days after the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School that killed 19 children and two adults.

The activist, identified as Benjamin Hernandez with the liberal-leaning group Indivisible Houston, yells as security pushes him out of the eatery.

He says, “when 19 children died, that is on your hands …Ted Cruz that is on your hands.”

Imagine being blamed for someone else murdering children and not being able to reply.

Hernandez initially approached the senator amicably enough and requested a photograph, which Cruz obliged, video shows.

But after the flash, Hernandez confronts Cruz and asks the senator why he refuses to support further background checks for gun purchasers.

“The background checks wouldn’t have stopped the shooter,” Cruz responds. “You know what would have? The bill I introduced-“

Hernandez quickly cuts off Cruz, who becomes visibly more agitated.

“We can make it harder for people to get guns in this country, sir,” Hernandez says. “You know that, but you stand here, you stand at the NRA convention, it is harder when there are more guns to stop gun violence.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” Cruz says, the clip shows.

As the verbal confrontation escalates, Cruz’s security detail gets in between the two and tells Hernandez to “back up” before he’s pushed out as things continue to escalate.

This guy went on Twitter afterwards and started cursing the name of Cruz.

The first thing I want to say is that Ted Cruz is a bitch for doing selfies at a restaurant with his family. My policy is always: at least have the decency in you to leave me alone. When you freaks see me out in the streets when I’m eating or feeding my daughter – do not come and speak to me – I don’t know you and no I don’t owe you a motherfucking thing.

That’s the view of any normal person who gets famous. Yeah, he’s a public servant, but he can do events, he doesn’t have to talk to people when he’s at a restaurant with his kids. The fact that Cruz will submit to selfies from people interrupting his family life shows that he’s a fraud obsessed with a gay “nice guy” image.

Who likes that nice guy crap? Only the softest, flabbiest, most spineless people are interested in fake niceties. Imagine preferring scummy liars with fake personalities over real human beings.

He’s not a nice guy. No one is really a nice guy. Everyone who puts on this show is some kind of pervert or psychopath.

Watch him grab this guy’s shoulder in another recent confrontation. It’s an aggressive psycho move by a man who has made his public image one of someone who is nice all the time and never becomes confrontational.

Secondly: Cruz is at this point shilling literal background checks. This is like when that GOP Congressman went on Tucker and said that Republicans have to get behind BLM because they can’t allow Democrats to be the only people supporting terrorist race riots. I don’t even remember who that was, some fat prick, but you get the point: conservatives are “Dem Lite” because they don’t have the balls to support their own stated positions.

At this point, Cruz could just blame the cops. The families of the dead are blaming the cops. It’s obviously the fault of the cops that most of these people died – it took them 50 minutes to arrive at the scene, then they spent 40 minutes standing around, with some badge fats jogging around the building in a circle.

But oh, right – Ted Cruz stands with the cops, right or wrong. Ted Cruz is a cop lover. It’s part of his fake personality. He doesn’t care what the cops do, he just loves them because they are cops. He literally condemned normal American patriots as “terrorists” for supposedly “attacking the cops” on January 6. The cops they were supposedly attacking were the same cops who murdered Ashli Babbitt, who Cruz considers a terrorist because she won’t submit to the sickening Democrat cops.

A normal country would put Ted Cruz on trial for treason for slandering patriots as “terrorists” and supporting the murder of Ashli Babbitt. Cops are the terrorists – they’re the ones forcing the will of the Democrat Party on the people. They’re the ones arresting parents for complaining about trannies raping their daughters.

They’re the ones closing down churches in the name of a virus hoax. They’re the ones attacking people in the streets for not wearing a cuck muzzle. They’re the ones destroying small businesses for the virus hoax.

They’re the ones refusing to arrest the blacks burning down cities. They’re the ones kneeling down and worshiping the blacks as voodoo fetish idols.

Before any of this ultra-weird stuff in the last few years, cops would come to your house and kill you and throw you in a cage because your wife said you hit her. They will come and take your kids from you to be raped by your wife’s new boyfriend. The cops are a standing army, defending vaginal supremacy.

American cops are the worst people on the planet earth. Now that they’ve stopped even arresting violent criminals and murderers, there is literally not even a theoretical justification for supporting the cops.

Point being: these scum stood around while some psycho was shooting little kids. Would you do that? Do you know anyone who would do that?

Of course, you’re not obligated to save those kids. You didn’t swear any oath to “serve and protect.” The cops did, and yet they took 50 minutes to arrive at a mass shooting, then stood around for 40 minutes while the kids were getting slaughtered.

As we’ve reported, they are all blaming each other – there were various groups of cops there, and they are all claiming the other cops were responsible for the fact they didn’t do anything to stop the child-killer.

But the parents of the kids were at the school, saying they would go in. Frankly, if the cops are just such faggot cowards that they are afraid of getting shot and would rather just let kids die, they could have at least stood aside and let these Mexicans go in. There’s a 100% chance that these Mexicans would have been able to tackle the shooter, possibly without any of them even getting shot.

But instead of letting the Mexicans save the children Americans are too cowardly to save, the cops literally arrested the parents to protect the school shooter.

I wrote a long article last week about Ted Cruz’ inability to defend the Second Amendment, and all the different things he could have talked about. But I wrote that before all this information and video came out showing that the cops refused outright to stop the shooting. Now, it’s a whole lot easier – you just blame the cops.

You say:

These people will not save you. They will stand around while your children get shot, and they will arrest you if you complain about it. Do you really want the cops to be the only ones with guns in this country? Are you insane? If we want to stop violence, we need to restrict the authority of the cops, who refuse to arrest criminals and will actually assist school shooters by protecting them from civilians trying to stop them. The death toll at the Uvalde shooting was the cops’ fault, and you’re going to tell me that you want to allow people this stupid and immoral to be the only ones in the country with weapons? You are insane.

Leftists claim to hate the cops, but they are arguing for giving the cops total control of everything. The Founding Fathers said that the Second Amendment is there to protect the First – what do you think these Democrat cops would do if people were actually stripped of their guns?

I stand by all the other points I made in my article about mass shooters. I also stand by the fact that these shootings don’t really matter – it’s a nation of 350 million people; mass shootings are a tiny fraction of the shootings, a tinier fraction of the murders, and an even tinier fraction of the pointless deaths.

It’s a tired point, but you’re more likely to drown while being stung by bees than to die in a mass shooting. These events are just hyped up government nonsense. Imagine if every time there was one of those car crash pileups that kills a dozen people, the government and media started calling for cars to be banned.

There are so many things to be said. So, so many. But the Democrats say “we should ban all guns” and Ted Cruz says “Uhhhhh. Uhhhhh. Uhhhhhh. Sir, allow me to speak: Uhhhhhhh.”

He’s doing background checks, which is an infringement. The Constitution says: “shall not be infringed.”

But he’s our gun champion. Somehow.

These people are saying they’re going to harass him everywhere he goes, which is probably true.

So how important is it to him to not have any ability to defend his own stated positions?

Apparently, that is very important to him.

Literally, Why is There a Second Amendment?

There is no framework within the conservative ideology with which to explain mass shootings. Literally every single avenue is blocked. You just have to effectively say there is no reason these things happen. But beyond that, and a much bigger issue: there’s also no reason that the Second Amendment exists within the worldview of Ted Cruz.

Conservatives can’t talk about the tree of liberty, can they?

No, they cannot. Because that would be against our gods – the Democrat cops.

Cruz literally worships the cops and thinks if the cops kill Ashli Babbitt, she becomes a terrorist as soon as the bullet hits her.

Ted’s answer to Joe Biden asking “why do you need weapons of war?” is literally “because it says it on a paper from hundreds of years ago.” He appears to have zero personal interest in the philosophy of the Founding Fathers, and views this all through a legalistic lens – but the whole point I am trying to communicate here is that he is not a real person. He’s a fake person and a shill.

The Constitution is not a piece of paper, it is an embodiment of a philosophical conception of the nature of society. The defenders of the Constitution have to be people who understand and can articulate the philosophy, not followers of a modernist legalistic ideology like Buckley conservatism.

There are a million different arguments as to why mass shootings don’t mean people should be stripped of their guns. But the only way someone is going to understand any of those arguments is if they first understand the Christian philosophical notions of freedoms given by God outlined in the Constitution.

Ted Cruz is not the problem, he is just a fat moron who doesn’t care about anything. However, being that thing, he is perfectly representative of the problem.

America is not a Christian nation, and therefore it is not a free nation, and therefore the Constitution no longer applies. That is the problem here. Without the light of Christ through which to view it, the Constitution is simply an old piece of paper.