Tennessee: Nashville Police Department Abandons Physical Ability Test to Recruit More Women

Based black guy always says it like it be

Yeah, everyone wants more women cops.

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Washington Examiner:

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department has ditched its physical ability test and implemented lactation rooms as part of a greater effort to bring on more female police officers.

“It’s a male-dominated profession, so women are afraid to take that step, maybe thinking that they’re not able to do it, but you can do it if you have that right mindset,” one police trainee said in a now-viral video by WSMV4.

Hiring a 30% female police force is a goal of the department, and Commander Tiffany Gibson, the first female director of training, said she believes that mark is attainable due to changes made to attract female recruits.

The department no longer requires a physical ability test, and it instead grades its trainees’ agility in a test designed to mirror tasks they may encounter in the field.

Lactation rooms for nursing mothers and flexible schedules have also been implemented.

If blacks and women were actually as good as white men, they would not need all these handicaps, and in fact, they would be offended by them. Affirmative action should be considered an abomination by everyone who has ever worked a day in their life.