Japan: Supreme Court Gives Anal Couples Benefits Only Normal People had Before

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With that Jewish terrorist Rahm Emanuel over there as US Ambassador, Japan is spiraling into anal lunacy faster than Ireland did.

This is a Polish-style anal spiral we are witnessing in Japan. There is no other way to describe this particular anal spiral.

Japan Today:

Japan’s top court on Tuesday said same-sex partners are eligible for crime victims’ benefits as surviving family members, the first such ruling in the country that does not recognize same-sex marriage.

The Supreme Court’s Third Petty Bench scrapped the Nagoya High Court ruling and sent back the case to the high court, which did not recognize the eligibility of Yasuhide Uchiyama, 49, whose same-sex partner of decades was murdered.

The victims’ benefit law stipulates that those eligible for payments include those in common-law marriages. Whether a same-sex partnership could be considered a common-law marriage was a major point of contention in the trial.

The court said the law was meant to cushion the mental and financial blow for the bereaved family, and that “whether the victim’s live-in partner is the opposite or same sex does not make an immediate difference in facilitating that reduction.”

It said the Nagoya High Court’s rejection based solely on the same-sex relationship was “clearly” not in line with the law.

Video about the case from 2 weeks ago

The decision was backed by four of the five members of the bench.

The lone dissenting judge Yukihiko Imasaki said there was not sufficient discussion regarding the legal protection for same-sex partnerships, adding that the decision was made too quickly and that “same-sex partnerships should not be correlated with common-law marriages.”

It cannot be understated how aggressive the US Ambassador has been in pushing this anal agenda on Japan.

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Well, he also talks about the need for Japan to go to war with China (but that’s all about protecting anal rights anyway, right?).

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