Tennessee: Pro-Vaxxer Bulldog Tried to Muzzle Herself in a False Flag Hate Crime!

You see this creature and think “well, I can sure as shootin’ understand why folks would want to put a muzzle on it – the damn thing looks rabid!”

But it turns out anti-vaxxers are chilled out, and these vaxxers are hoaxing their own selves!

The bitch did a Smollett!


A state investigation into a dog muzzle that was sent to Tennessee’s former vaccine manager closed Monday after it was found the muzzle was ordered with the official’s own credit card.

Dr. Michelle Fiscus, a pediatrician who served as Tennessee’s medical director of vaccine-preventable diseases and immunization, was fired in July after she released a memo citing a 34-year-old state law about whether minors may get medical care without their parents’ permission.

The memo led legislators to question whether Fiscus was undermining parental authority. She was fired soon after; Tennessee’s health department told CNN at the time it could not comment on personnel matters.

Fiscus claimed to have received the muzzle a week prior to her termination. At the time, Tennessee Department of Health officials contacted the Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security (TDOSHS), expressing concern that the muzzle was intended as a threat. Fiscus told investigators she had no knowledge of who sent the muzzle, the report said.

The TDOSHS investigation found the dog muzzle was ordered from an Amazon account that appeared to be attached to Fiscus and her credit card, according to a report released Monday.

She’s saying it’s all a big mix-up (because obviously it’s a federal crime to report a fake crime you did against yourself to federal authorities).

CNN is backing her up, printing her gibberish.

In a statement, Fiscus said she “requested that Homeland Security obtain a subpoena as Amazon refused to release details of the account that ordered the muzzle that was delivered to my office on July 3, 2021.”

“We have now learned that a second Amazon account had been established under my name using what appears to be a temporary phone, possibly in Washington state. I have asked Homeland Security for the unredacted report so that I can investigate further and am awaiting their response,” Fiscus’ statement read.

Obviously, the feds aren’t going to charge her, so this data release is probably the last one you’ll ever get.

But what a bold bitch.

This is of course standard procedure amongst vaxxers.

Their entire operation is a gigantic hoax machine.