Terrorist Lunatic John Bolton Visiting Ukraine, Casing Moldova, Belarus for Terrorist Uprising

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 31, 2019

I am so exhausted by this global revolutionary agenda that I would rather these Jews be forced to return to invasions. It is much harder to shill an invasion of a country than it is to launch a fake revolution in a country. And most of the stupid goyim do not even know that these revolutions are staged hoaxes.

With the Hong Kong hoax revolution which is currently ongoing, even idiotic right-wing goyim are supporting it.

Right-wing retards also supported the Jewish coup in the Ukraine, because there were a bunch of neo-Nazis rioting in the name of Jews. Now, evil Jewish shill John Bolton appears to be pushing for an encore of the Ukrainian revolution in other former Soviet countries.


US National Security Advisor John Bolton has visited a host of ex-Soviet republics, including Moscow’s longtime ally, Belarus. Some saw it as a sign of growing US influence on Russia’s border. Is it?

Frequent and almost traditional visits of US officials to Kiev would hardly surprise anyone these days. After all, Kiev took an ardently pro-US and anti-Russian position right after the 2014 Maidan events and another visit of another US official would hardly add anything to the geopolitical equation there. Yet, the schedule of the White House advisor this time included trips to Chisinau and Minsk as well.

For the latter it was the first visit of a high-ranking US official in almost two decades to the country deemed one of Moscow’s most faithful allies. Some rushed to call it a “turning point” in the geopolitical situation on the Russian borders, which is sure to “ruffle feathers in Moscow.” Others assumed that Minsk somehow grew weary of its friendship with its bigger neighbor and is now more than happy to “build warmer relations with the West.”

Yet, Moscow did not seem to be particularly concerned about these developments as it limited itself to saying that Belarus is free to invite whoever it wants. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov shrugged off speculation that Bolton’s visit would suddenly mark the start of close cooperation between Minsk and Washington.

No, Moscow is never concerned about anything as their entire global power base collapses.

The coup in the Ukraine was the worst disaster for Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union, and it would have been so easy to avoid by simply having someone more competent than Viktor Yanukovych run the country. The Jews who did the Maidan had been pushing for revolution in the country since 2004, with the “Orange Revolution.” They had been actively seeking to overthrow the government – and yet, when they started rioting in 2013, no one was ready for it!

Now they’re getting ready to do similar revolutions in Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Armenia, wherever – because Russia isn’t good at stopping this!

Venezuela was able to prevent a revolution, Iran was able to prevent a revolution, China is probably going to be able to prevent a revolution, but Russia is 0 for 2, having completely lost control of both Georgia and the Ukraine.

Obviously, Russia’s policy on the global stage is simply to avoid confrontation for as long as possible and wait for the US to collapse internally. That’s fine, okay, but we do not know when the US will collapse internally. The US still has a lot of money and a massive military, and virtually all powerful people on earth want it to not collapse.

So there are going to have to be at least some confrontations. If I were Russia, I would have drawn the line at the revolution in the Ukraine.

But surely, Belarus is a step too far?

The fact of reality is that Russia is the last white country, and they now have more of a burden than simply protecting themselves and their own interests, they have a burden to carry the torch of Christian civilization itself. And they should be taking seriously the fact that the US is now moving quickly to do these revolutions.

The Venezuela situation was an embarrassment, as was Iran, and if the agenda fails in Hong Kong – which I believe it will – then you can bet the next plan is to hit up a CIS state, probably Moldova or Kazakhstan.