Texans Shocked to Discover Migrants Can Easily Cut Useless Barb Wire

We’ve told you from the beginning that this Greg Abbott plan to secure the Texas border was a total scam, and nothing he was doing meant anything.

That crippled faggot refused to do anything about the border for years. Then he started doing all of these pointless stunts.

There is no evidence that any of these stunts from Abbott has done anything to slow the flow.

New York Post:

A migrant with bolt cutters snipped a wire border fence Sunday, then led dozens of migrants through the hole — only to be turned back to Mexico by National Guard troops.

The Post observed as the migrants pulled fencing away and pushed through the state’s concertina-wire barrier near a gate in the wall, entering the US illegally, near El Paso, Texas.

Footage of the incident taken by The Post showed guardsmen appearing and blocking the migrants, and directing them away from Gate 45, which is not a legal port of entry, and back to Mexican territory.

The incident comes days after another encounter a few miles away at Gate 36 in the border — where more than 100 people bum-rushed Texas National Guard soldiers last Thursday.

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Razor wire and fencing have been erected near the border by troops from the National Guard and Texas Department of Public Safety to discourage people from crossing into the US illegally and to instead turn themselves in at points of entry.

During Thursday’s attempted incursion, the group of migrants knocked over five guards who tried to stand in their way.

They usually just climb over it. Or under it. Or walk around it. But of course they can cut it.

This invasion is clearly intolerable.

Texans are the one group of people who might be willing to actually stand up to the feds. They have a very good economy. They could push for independence. But they need a real leader.

If Trump was serious, instead of engaging in this fake presidential election, he would demand Greg Abbott resign, and that Texas hold a special election for governor where he would run, win, and then declare himself President of Independent Texas. That could actually work. This is something we can actually make happen in real life. The feds are not going to invade Texas. There is nothing stopping Texas independence other than Greg Abbott.

Dear Texas: how can this man stop you from asserting your freedoms when he doesn’t even have working legs?

I will tell you this, Texans: no one without legs ever stopped me from doing anything.