Texas: People Ripping Flags from Peoples’ Homes and Lighting Them on Fire

Daily Stormer
August 13, 2014

I smell burritos.

Washington Times:

A least seven American flags have been burned throughout the Texas city of Weatherford, and authorities think the vandals responsible are trying to send a message.

“We just drove up an hour ago and the fire was in the middle of the driveway,” resident Rowlee Johnson told a local CBS affiliate. “We had no idea what had happened.”

A group or individual has been burning the flags outside of people’s homes in Weatherford. At least seven have been burned since Friday in at least two different neighborhoods.

“This one we just discovered within the hour,” Fire Marshal Bob Hopkins said Monday evening of Ms. Johnson’s charred flag that was left in her driveway.

At another home, someone lowered a flag and let it burn on the flagpole, the station reported.

“We had one woman whose two sons are serving in Afghanistan,” Mr. Hopkins said. “She was very upset because that flag for a lot of people resembles their pride in their nation, their home, everything they believe in.”

The mother replaced her flag, as did the other victims, Mr. Hopkins said.

I suppose this could be kids – anarchists or something – bunch much more likely it is Mexicans, who now view large parts of the US as a part of their country and not somewhere symbols of White America should be flown.

A general note on American flags:

The South is the only place in America they are still widely flown in front of homes. Remember after 9/11, when we all came together with our flags? Bush and Obama succeeded in completely crushing the national pride of most Americans, and now we are entering an era where there will be little resistance to the invasion and conquest of our country by hordes of foreign savages.

Better men than we died for this flag.  Paint it on your garage.  The Mexicans can't burn that.
Better men than we died for this flag. Paint it on your garage. The Mexicans can’t burn that.