The Bends: Woman Kills Herself After Father of Her Baby Kills Himself

It’s rough out there.

Our humanity is effectively 100% drained from our existence by this virus system.

The fracturing of the collective psyche is only just now beginning.

New York Post:

Two Florida sheriff’s deputies with a newborn baby killed themselves within days of each other, leaving their 1-month old son an orphan, an official said.

St. Lucie County Deputy Clayton Osteen died Jan. 2 and Deputy Victoria Pacheco took her life “in the wake of Deputy Osteen’s death,” Sheriff Ken Mascara said in a statement on Tuesday.

“As sheriff, I saw these two deputies as young, ambitious, and a great compliment to my already amazing group of professionals,” Mascara said.

“While it is impossible for us to fully comprehend the private circumstances leading up to this devastating loss, we pray that this tragedy becomes a catalyst for change, a catalyst to help ease the stigma surrounding well-being and normalize the conversation about the challenges so many of us face on a regular basis,” Mascara said.

The man was a former marine, according to the New York Post.

Everybody’s got The Bends.

Where do we go from here?

The words are coming out all weird.