The Guy Who Invented Daylight Savings Should be Thrown Off a Speeding Double-Decker Bus

Seriously, this time change bullshit is worse than the Jews.

You can’t change the time. The time is the time. You can pretend the time is different, but that doesn’t do anything but cause mass confusion.

This has to stop.

No one deserves to spend two weeks a year trying to figure out what time it is because their body is being manipulated into believing it’s a different time than it actually is.

It’s a living nightmare.

I’m not even really pushing the metric system anymore, but this is one thing that America does against the rest of the world that is simply too much.

What purpose is it supposed to even serve? If businesses or schools don’t want people coming while it’s still dark, they can change the work/school hours.

“Changing the time” is supervillain shit.