The Ruins of the Ukraine to Become an EU Member State Very Soon

Niggas be opening portals to hell and shit.

I told ’em they ain’t shoulda done it.

Ain’t nunna these muthafakas listens to me.

The Guardian:

The European Commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, announced today that the commission recommends that the council open accession negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova.

The commission also recommends the opening of EU accession negotiations with Bosnia and Herzegovina “once the necessary degree of compliance with the membership criteria is achieved”, she said.

And the commission recommends that the council grant Georgia the status of a candidate country on the understanding that certain reforms are made.

Von der Leyen said Ukraine has completed “well over” 90% of the necessary steps outlined by the commission last year, pointing to judicial reforms and anti-corruption efforts.


There’s your “vaginal government.” The Ukraine fixed its corruption problem completely already, there is just 10% of a problem with them joining because they are in a massive war and no one knows where their new borders will be and there is martial law and no one is allowed to leave the country anyway. Also, they have forced conscription, torture, they target civilians, and they are the most corrupt country in Europe.

But aside from that, it’s basically done. The Ukraine is 90% of the way to achieving a utopia.

Whose idea was it to put women in charge of everything?

Seriously though – everyone knows what’s going to happen.

After the surrender, which will probably be coming relatively soon so they don’t lose Odessa and/or Kharkov, what’s gonna happen?

You know what’s gonna happen.

Everyone knows.

They’re going to flood the country with “migrants,” saying they need to replace the population with exactly equal people from Africa. Probably, the Jew Zelensky will welcome Palestinians as part of the Jewish PR recovery strategy.

So obvious.