The Hoax of “Easter is a Pagan Holiday”

Many stupid lies are spread by the Jews about the Christian faith.

Likely the most insidious lie is that Christianity is based on Judaism. This is stupid on its face, as the Jewish religion is fundamentally based on the rejection and hatred of Christ, and therefore it could only have existed after Christ. Moreover, it is simply an accepted historical fact that rabbinical Judaism – i.e., Judaism* – was invented in the first and second century. Not even the Jews themselves actually claim to be practicing the religion of the Old Testament, unless they are lying to Christians to try to get favor or money.

*You can refer to the religion of the Ancient Israelites as “Judaism” if you want, but it’s not the same religion. This is unnecessarily confusing, and not really even accurate. But people do refer to “ancient Judaism,” and that’s fine, as long as you recognize that this is not the same thing as rabbinical Judaism, and not even the rabbis themselves make that claim. 

In reality, Christians are the inheritors of the faith of Abraham and the people of ancient Palestine. Most of the people living in the Holy Land at that time became Christians, and moved into Europe and married and reproduced, so we Europeans also share the blood of the people of ancient Palestine and the Levant. The Jews were a small secret of Israelite priests who rejected Christ, fled the Holy Land, and created a new religion based on rejecting Christ. If you study the Jew religion, you will find that it has virtually nothing to do with the religion of ancient Palestine, even though some of the Jews have maintained a form of the language.

There are many, many lies that are spread by these Jews about our Holy Faith, and one of the most ridiculous is that the Easter holiday is actually secretly a pagan holiday. This is very dumb and easily disproved, and yet it persists, because we live in a world of lies where lies are regularly taken as truth, even when they are disproved.

The conspiracy weirdos who claim that “Easter is really Ishtar” will say things like “why are there bunnies and eggs unless it’s a fertility goddess day??” This is very low-level moronism, and has no basis in history.

In this video, Jimmy Akin of Catholic Answers goes through the various arguments put forward by these liars and shows that they are based on nothing at all.