The More Power a Woman Has, The Less Responsibility She is Forced to Bear

The thing about “feminism” is that it not only lobbies for all of these new special powers for women, it also lobbies to remove historical responsibilities from women. It is literally the opposite of “equality” on both ends.

I know I’m not telling you anything new here, but I rarely see it put in these terms:

  • More power
  • Less responsibility

For example: a woman has the power to have sex with whoever she wants, to become a single mother – to get sole rights over children in the event of a breakup – because she can do anything a man can do just as well or even better.

However, she should be able to kill the children whenever she wants, because after all, she’s just a woman.

The Guardian:

A woman who was jailed for terminating her pregnancy after the legal time limit during lockdown will be released from prison and reunited with her children, after winning a court of appeal effort to reduce her sentence.

A court of appeal judge said Carla Foster, 45, needed “compassion, not punishment”, saying her 28-month sentence would be reduced to 14 months and suspended.

Sentencing her last month, Mr Justice Pepperall said Foster would serve half her term in prison and the rest on licence after her release, after she admitted illegally procuring her own abortion when she was between 32 and 34 weeks pregnant.

Just so you understand what you are “aborting” at 32-34 weeks, let’s go ahead and provide some visual aids:

If you’re a man and you kick a pregnant woman in the stomach, you can be charged with murder if the unborn baby dies.

But if you’re a woman, you can kill one of these humans – by cutting it up with scissors and sucking it up with a vacuum – because it’s just simply not your responsibility.

At the court of appeal in London on Tuesday, three judges reduced her prison sentence.

Dame Victoria Sharp, sitting with Lord Justice Holroyde and Mrs Justice Lambert, said: “This is a very sad case … It is a case that calls for compassion, not punishment.”

The woman, a mother of three – who appeared via video link from Foston Hall prison in Derbyshire for the appeal hearing – received the medication under the “pills by post” scheme, which was introduced during the Covid pandemic for unwanted pregnancies up to 10 weeks, after a remote consultation.

Prosecutors said Foster had knowingly misled the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) by saying she was below the 10-week cutoff point, when she believed she was about 28 weeks pregnant.

Doctors later concluded the foetus was from 32 to 34 weeks’ gestation at the time of termination. In England, Scotland and Wales, abortion is generally legal up to 24 weeks but is carried out in a hospital or clinic after 10 weeks.

The thing about this is: in the pre-feminist West, women had many more responsibilities.

They could not get away with this stuff.

I think it’s important to understand that: women are held to a much, much lower standard than they were before feminism, because of lobbying by feminist groups not only to give women power, but to remove the bar on responsibility. Women are dually empowered and infantilized.

We see that with things like the Weinstein case and the entire metoo movement, we see it with the Epstein hookers (“she was only 15 and had no idea what a penis was”), and so on. We see it everywhere.

It is true that in some or many situations before feminism, women would be punished less harshly than men, because they were considered less capable of decision-making. But it was never this “she is literally a baby who has no idea what is going on.” Combining that attitude with “she is just as powerful as a man” really makes feminism a lot more crazy than it would be if it was merely about giving women the powers of men.

The explanation is obviously that the more power you give women, the more responsibility you have to remove to make them capable of using those powers.

It’s unbelievable that men tolerate this.