The New Welsh Prime Minister is a Mulatto

It’s starting to feel like we’re being ruled over by brown people in our own countries.

Is anyone else getting that kinda vibe?


Vaughan Gething won the Welsh Labour Party leadership contest on Saturday, meaning he will become the first Black leader of the semi-autonomous government in Wales.

“Today, we turn a page in the book of our nation’s history …. not just because I have the honour of becoming the first Black leader in any European country, but because the generational dial has jumped too,” Gething, 50, said in a speech after the result was announced.

The other candidate was Jeremy Miles, a literal faggot

“Devolution is not something that I have had to get used to, or to adapt to, or to apologize for. Devolution, Welsh solutions to Welsh problems and opportunities is in my blood,” Gething, currently minister for economy, added.

Zambian-born Gething will replace incumbent Mark Drakeford who in December announced his departure after five years leading the Welsh government, which has responsibility for a limited number of devolved areas including health and education.

Keir Starmer, leader of Britain’s Labour Party, which opinion polls show as likely to win power in a national election due later this year, congratulated Gething in a statement.

Also congratulating Gething on the win, Conservative British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said on social media that he was committed to working together constructively.

A black guy born in Zambia being the top politician in Wales is something that no one would have believed possible a few years ago. It’s just totally bizarre.

There are no nonwhite countries with white politicians. Every country on earth which is not white defends itself and promotes its own population’s interests (or at the very least pretends to).