CDC Drug Overdose Deaths Hit New Record in 2022, US Government Still Focused on Killing People in Russia, Etc.

They are obviously covering up the number of drug deaths.

These numbers are definitely fake, and it could be 3-4 times what the CDC says.

New York Post:

Drug overdose deaths continue to rise, breaking yet another record in 2022, according to new data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The CDC reported that 107,941 Americans died from drug overdoses that year — which is about 1% higher than overdose deaths in 2021.

The number of fatal overdoses has risen almost every year over the last two decades, continuing to break annual records.

The rate of overdose deaths declined for women — for the first time in five years — but the rate continued to climb for men.

Men account for about 70% of overdose deaths in the U.S. as research has shown that men are likely more susceptible to the biological and social factors that contribute to drug overdoses.

American Indian and Alaskan Native people were also found to be more likely to die from a drug overdose, with the rates among these populations jumping 15% in 2022.

The overdose death rate also increased among black, Hispanic and Asian people but decreased among white people.

Whether Indians are more likely to die is irrelevant. Indians are a very small group of people (though there are more of them now than in 1492!). The overwhelming majority of the dead are white people.

The fact that the US refuses to do anything about this basically amounts to a “Holocaust.”

By the way, the fentanyl is from Mexico, not China, and it would be impossible to ban anyway.

The deaths are a result of the deranged social order in America, not the result of the drugs themselves. A hundred years ago, everyone had medical (no prescription) heroin in their medical cabinet, and there were no junkies (other than maybe some blacks).

The society has created mass derangement in the youth, and really the middle-aged (millennials – middle-aged people are all millennials now) as well. There need to be social changes.

In fact, the government simply needs to stop invading and changing society. Then everything will be fine.