The New York Times Gives Brilliant Commentary on Xi’s Party Decisions

This is the headline from the New York Times:

They changed it to this:

Who was he supposed to pick other than “loyalists,” Jews?

His enemies?

Jewish shills?

What ridiculous language. It implies this is some kind of cronyism.

The New York Times is also whining that he didn’t put women in control. The Jews provide no evidence that having women in power is a good thing.

Frankly, the CCP events this week are too boring to even talk about, but the Jews have made it a headline news story so they can use it to form a narrative about how the Chinese are evil authoritarian patriarchs. I don’t believe the Jews believe this news is interesting, which is why they sensationalize it.

But yeah, basically, Xi was elected for a third term because Xi is awesome and everyone loves him because he doesn’t tolerate faggots, Jews, or women.