The One Thing That Keeps Me Up at Night

Each night when I lay my head down to sleep, I am haunted by one nightmare.

It’s not the impending global war.

It’s not those pictures I saw on 4chan of tranny surgeries.

It’s not end times prophecy.

It’s not my brain tumor, which is clearly growing.

It’s the fact that my Wikipedia page, and therefore every news article about me, refers to me as a “Neo-Nazi.” I would be fine if they just called me a “Nazi” and claimed that I worked for Adolf Hitler, gassing Jews in a fake shower room behind a wooden door and then dragging their poison-drenched corpses out one-by-one with a hook without any safety equipment.

But no. They say “NEO-Nazi.” That, for those who don’t know, is this:

I have never been a Neo-Nazi. I’ve never been fat or had a gross beard to try to hide a lack of a jawline. I have an extraordinarily masculine jawline, similar in form to a god depicted by a Roman statue. I have always been handsome and fashionable.

Have I advocated for Neo-Nazism? Yes. However, how is this the defining aspect of my identity?

I have also advocated for many other groups and individuals, including:

  • Hamas
  • Mexican drug cartels
  • North Korea
  • The Taliban
  • Elvis
  • Robots
  • Black rioters
  • Arabian rioters
  • Filipino death squads
  • Charles Manson
  • Black people who start fights at McDonald’s
  • OJ Simpson
  • Prison rioters
  • Africa
  • Thai prostitutes
  • Flat earthers
  • Chinese communist spies
  • Stalinists
  • Men who murder their wives
  • Sony open world action games
  • Asmangold
  • The Khmer Rouge
  • Unhinged boomer QAnon activists
  • Jeff Bezos
  • Bill O’Reilly
  • The Cyberpunk expansion featuring that handsome negro man whose name I don’t remember right now
  • Doomsday cults
  • Techno musicians
  • Global warming denialists
  • AIDS denialists
  • Louisiana alligator hunters
  • Raw milk dealers
  • Rogue 4chan jannies
  • Copyright infringers
  • The Irish
  • Cryptocurrencies shills
  • Obscure French filmmakers
  • Fidel Castro
  • Libertarian lunatics
  • Acid jazz musicians
  • The Iran government
  • Iranian-backed militias
  • Unoriginal indie rock bands

One thing I have never advocated for is fat people.

It’s pretty weird to define my person by the few times I promoted Neo-Nazism, no?

Attaching this label is simply done to categorize me as in league with fat people.

However, the media didn’t report on most of those advocacies.

UNIMPORTANT NOTE: The media stopped reporting on me at all, save in a very specific set of circumstances, in 2019, after a think tank wrote two separate white papers (one, two) on how I was exploiting the media to make them look retarded and report things I wanted reported for the purpose of making my readership laugh. I was put on a special blacklist of some type. I know the details but can't reveal them because of reasons - but it's a rule in the media. Everyone reading at the time saw that all of a sudden the media went from multiple top stories per week on various statements I'd made to none at all, overnight. It's not like anything changed. My readership is higher now than it was then. When they were trying to get Tucker Carlson fired, the New York Times quoted someone from Fox who claimed all of Tucker Carlson's segments were based on my articles. But it was one sentence. Normally, there would be an entire barrage of articles about "who is Tucker's NEO-NAZI inspiration???" I don't mind not being in the media, and actually I like it, because fewer people recognize me in public, and just generally, the level of heat is much lower. It was a fun ride, when the media was dancing to my diabolical tune, but I'm glad it's over.

Here’s the thing, however: Wikipedia is violating its own rules when it comes to the editing of my page. There is a lot of reporting that is simply left out of the Wiki page, and cannot be added. You are supposed to be able to add any information from a mainstream source.

During the period of high media coverage, it was reported in mainstream media publications, of which I have the sources, that I have done very many things. I have repeatedly attempted to have people inject the various reports into my Wikipedia page, including getting major editors to do the injections, and they get removed. Out of everything that has been reported that I’ve said, it is only “Neo-Nazism” that is allowed in the Wikipedia page.

Here are some things that have have been reported, by mainstream sources, which Wikipedia will not allow:

  • I advocate for the legalization of rape
  • I am a Russian and Chinese shill, maybe an agent of one or both of these countries
  • I am a homosexual who once tried to have sex with a black man
  • I am a Bitcoin maximalist
  • I have called for the reinstitution of chattel slavery, including allowing new purchases of negroes from slave markets in Libya
  • I advocate forced child marriages, to be consummated at first menstruation
  • I called on Trump to sign an executive order banning crippled people from running for public office (The “You Need Legs to Run” law)
  • I am an incel
  • I advocated sending wave after wave of undocumented Thai prostitutes across the US border
  • I advocated for the legalization of cocaine
  • I was banned from Twitter for masturbating to a picture of a man’s wife
  • I support nuclear war destroying every city on earth
  • I support killing everyone
  • I reviewed the Belle and Sebastian album “If You’re Feeling Sinister”

The Wikipedia article is simply a hoax. These people want to frame me as a thing in the most dishonest possible way.

You all read this site daily. Would you define me as a “Neo-Nazi”? It seems to me I am a genius who has written about many different things. It seems that they chose the grossest thing I ever promoted, Neo-Nazism, and decided to paint me as the Neo-Nazi guy.

They did this same thing to Alex Jones, making him “Sandy Hook Man.” For 25 years, he promoted every single conspiracy imaginable, including chemtrails, secret underground labs where the government creates animal-human hybrids, and the existence of satellites that see through your roof and watch you masturbate. Then, all of a sudden, every news article started referring to him as the Sandy Hook man.

They do the sex stuff to people, which you know about, trying to make people out to be perverts. They said Julian Assange “raped” a woman by surreptitiously removing a condom, which every man who has ever had sex with a selfish bimbo has done. Seriously. I don’t promote fornication, and I am in fact an incel. However, every man realizes, the first time he experiences the soul-crushing experience of a condom, that he can simply reach down and do a peace sign with two fingers at the base of his penis, and slowly roll off the condom. Sometimes it will get lost up in the hole, which is actually ideal, so she doesn’t notice it when it’s stuck to her leg or whatever. This is most easy to do from behind, which is really the only natural position for sexual congress, as you should not look a woman in the eyes during the congress, as this could lead to some kind of demonic event.

I regret now that I wrote that paragraph that it was so graphic, but the point is, every man does this, everyone has the exact same instinct, and I felt I need to explain it because everyone who has had sex has done this. I feel a need to explain graphic personal things so everyone can see that they are not alone.

STDs are basically a gigantic hoax anyway, frankly. These disgusting devices are for “birth control,” and if that slut happens to get pregnant, then that is the miracle of life, and a great blessing.

Anyway, anything sexual they could say about me I would just admit (unless it was some crime, like so-called rape; I would fight a crime accusation, but it wouldn’t harm my reputation). I don’t even mind going along with the claim I’m a homosexual who tries to seduce black men. I want that in the Wiki page.

They also can’t frame me as dishonest or a money grubber, and they don’t even try the “conspiracy theorist” bullshit on me.

So, they frame me as in league with fat people. My reputation has been completely destroyed by these allegations of colluding with fats.