Chad Costner Posts Pictures of Puppy on Valentine’s Day

I see a lot of faggots and retards complaining about not having a girlfriend.

Is there anything more gay?

Kevin Costner, who is experiencing a massive career renaissance in his 60s, starring in one of the most popular shows on TV, Yellowstone, was recently divorced by his whore wife. They were married for 18 years, have three teenage kids, and this bitch decided she was “not happy anymore,” and it was time to ruin everyone’s life.

I’ve seen white knighting faggots claim that when I list off the mega-list of the most desirable men in the world who have been totally divorce-raped, that these men are somehow bad examples.

The list I usually give goes something like:

  • Brad Pitt
  • Johnny Depp
  • Elon Musk
  • Justin Trudeau
  • Ben Affleck
  • Vladimir Putin
  • Jeff Bezos
  • Mel Gibson
  • Chris Pratt
  • Orlando Bloom
  • Tom Cruise

You can basically keep going forever, because 95% of men who get married will eventually get divorced. (Seriously, the statistics are total horseshit – they don’t include men who just haven’t been divorced yet.)

The criticism is that celebrities, politicians, and the ultra-wealthy are abnormal, and that their desirability… somehow makes them more likely to suffer a divorce? Honestly, I don’t understand the criticism. I can see how Johnny Depp is a weirdo, Justin Trudeau is a fag, Brad Pitt married a terrible witch, and some other things you could pick at with specific examples, but when taken as a whole, the fact that all of the men who are objectively the most desirable men on the planet cannot keep their wife from leaving them is an absolute condemnation of the entire modern world.

My assertion here is simple: if these men can’t make it work, you don’t have any chance at all, save the same chances you’d have at the roulette table (or worse). I don’t tell men not to get married. I just tell them to be ready for a divorce, because it will almost certainly happen. Keep money hidden (crypto is a good place for that), be ready to go for the throat in court to try to get custody of your kids, and if you can’t get custody, get ready to give up on the kids and flee the country.

That’s the reality you’re facing. Sorry. But I keep it real.

Costner’s divorce was a particularly pointed addition to my list, as he is about as normal as anyone in Hollywood. By all accounts, he was living a very normal, upper-class life with his wife and kids. He is also arguably at the peak of his career, what with that cow-herding show everyone loves.

But that wasn’t enough. It wasn’t enough because nothing is ever enough for these whores, and if they think they have the ability to ruin you, to ruin your kids, they will do it.

On Valentine’s Day, instead of posting something with a new girlfriend on Instagram, Costner did the most alpha chad move we’ve seen yet from a divorcee and posted a photo of his dog sleeping on his dishwasher door.

He posted another picture of him looking to be in great shape with his dog and his truck and said he’s in love with the special guy.

A lot of retards demanding a girlfriend could learn a lot from this.

Why do you need a woman?

What does the woman do that the dog doesn’t do, other than sex (which is the most overrated thing ever)?

The dog will not betray and abandon you. In fact, the dog will die for you. The dog will always be there for you.

Also, a sweet big-ass Ford truck will not abandon you. Well, it’s definitely less reliable than a yellow Labrador. But off-roading in a Ranger or an F-150 (or a Jeep, or a Toyota if you’re poor) is a lot better than sex. Loading shit in a truck and carrying it around is also a lot more satisfying than sex. Just whatever. You know, if your friend needs a new refrigerator or something. Go pick it up in your truck and unload it. You will be filled with a sense of satisfaction and contentedness. This is different than when you ejaculate, and feel a sense of self-loathing and existential dread as some woman steals your vital essence to use for her own satanic purposes.

There is no point to women, other than children. Period. Everything else useful a woman does you can hire someone to do – cooking, cleaning, sex. The idea that you think you need a woman is a busted part of your psyche that relates both to your childhood experiences with your mother and ingrained biological impulses to reproduce.

Therefore: if you’re going to get married, don’t do it for “love.” There is no love to be had from these hoes. It’s like Snoop Dogg said. If you do it, do it for kids, and think of it as a Solid Snake type enemy infiltration mission. Don’t get emotional about it.

Also: maybe you don’t really want or need kids right now? There’s not really a rush. If you don’t already have money, you shouldn’t even be thinking about it at all. If you’ve got money, think it through all the way, pray and weigh the weights, and then do it if you think you can do it, but do not let that whore inside your head.

No matter what you do: do not let her inside of your head.

She will scoop out your soul as with an ice cream scooper.

Don’t Quote Saint Paul at Me, Bro

I’ve argued we should follow the Bible.

Therefore, when I say all these horrible things about women, and how you should give NOTHING AT ALL to your wife or any other woman, people will quote Saint Paul at me.

Firstly, I want to say that Saint Paul is where all these quotes come from. You can go to one of these websites that pulls every single Bible verse on a topic (such as this link here) and you’re going to find virtually nothing in the Old Testament or the Gospels about how you should “love your wife.”

Most of the verses in the Old Testament assume your wife is probably a whore creating a nightmare world for you, and talk about how you’re blessed if that’s not happening.

But there are repeated verses in the letters of Saint Paul saying “love your wife and don’t beat her.” I admit that these exist, and obviously, they are part of the inspired canon.

We’re going to have to consider context here.

Marriages were always for life in Christian society, and the man was always totally in charge, so of course in that situation, you should do your best to deal with your wife’s bullshit and not totally beat the shit out of her every single day because she won’t shut the fuck up. I agree with these words from Saint Paul, in this context.

However, everything is totally different now. Totally different. Not even similar in basic form.

Most importantly: if you get married in any Western country in the current year, you are not actually getting married. There is no contract. It’s a contract that can be vacated by either party, at any time, for any reason or no reason, meaning it’s not a real contract.

It’s maybe difficult to grasp, but you’re not actually getting married in any traditional sense.

Or, conversely, you are getting married in a church in front of God, and therefore it’s the divorce that is not real. That’s actually the way I view it. When people tell me they are divorced, I ask: “did you get married in a church?” and they say yes, and I follow up, “did you get divorced in the church?” When they answer in the negative, I say “then you’re not divorced.”

There is actually no such thing as “divorce.” This is very clear in the Bible, said by Jesus Christ Himself. He says, explicitly, that if you are married in a church, a civil court cannot simply abolish this bond.

If we take it from this view, every “divorced” man is simply a victim of spousal abandonment and government robbery. The government has zero right to take anything from you and give it to that stupid whore. It is blatant robbery.

But hey – it is what it is. The government has a lot of men with guns who will kill you if you oppose them.

So, you’re in this situation. This is the situation in which you find yourself. It is not the situation of the Bible times, nor is it the situation of even 50 years ago. It is a new situation, and the Bible doesn’t speak to it.

The fact that a legal divorce is possible at any time for any reason means that as soon as you are married, you are already divorced. It is the prime eventuality, and in most cases, an inevitability. You are effectively betting on the bitch not getting bored. Women get bored very easily, because they have nothing going on in their heads beyond base desires and unwarranted delusions of self-importance.

The fact that any woman is likely to abandon you and then use the government’s army to rob you means that you must act rationally under these circumstances. You can “love her” in the sense of not being abusive (which is basically what Paul means in those verses anyway), but don’t offer her any of yourself. She will gobble it up and spit it out.

Women are agents of a Jewish government that is at war with you.

This is a war.

Shields up.

It’s tough out there, my dear parasocial friends.

It is because I care about you deeply that I tell you: you must be tougher than the world if you hope to survive it.

Someday, there will be a place for tired soldiers to rest and to live free from the exploitations of these monsters who rule over us.

But that day is not today.

Today, as yesterday and the day before, we go to war.

We do our best to stay alive.