The Patron Saint of Barbarism

Clement Pulaski
Daily Stormer
December 6, 2013

Mandela was loved by white idiots all over the world.
Mandela was loved by white idiots all over the world.

As reported earlier, Nelson Mandela is finally dead.   The Jews and their lackeys are going overboard in their hyperbolic praise of the recently deceased Negro agitator.  Many have even declared that Mandela was a “secular saint“.  While we certainly do not share this high opinion of the man, in a sense Mandela is an appropriate saint for the official public religion of multiculturalism (aka White genocide), as his life and work are emblematic of the resurgence of barbarism that accompanies the progressive decline of the White race.

The Jews demonize nationalists as being backwards and a “threat to civilization”.  This claim is completely absurd given the fruits born of Jewish political ideologies such as communism and multiculturalism.  Any impartial observer can easily see that the Jews are the ring-leaders of our global descent into decadence and barbarism, with the Third World hordes acting as their foot soldiers.

To counter this Jewish claim that nationalists are barbarians, we need only point out the great achievements of our White ancestors in spreading civilization around the globe.  Up until a few decades ago, this march of civilization was openly celebrated in every White nation.  These White conquerors did not value “diversity” or “inclusion”.  They valued superiority, reason and order, and they rejoiced when these values won out over barbaric chaos and superstition.  Those of us who wish to revive this pride in White achievement are in fact the only true opponents of barbarism that remain.

How Whites used to see themselves.

Like the United States, South Africa was a pioneer nation.  Perhaps the most famous event from the nation’s pioneer past was the Great Trek of the 1830s, when the Dutch-speaking Boers pushed farther into the African wilderness seeking greater freedom and self-determination after the colony had passed from Dutch to British hands.  The leader of the Trek, Piet Retief, is one of the great national heroes of the Boer people.  Retief and a large number of his followers, including women and children, were murdered by the Zulu King Dingane shortly after the two parties had signed a treaty.  This treachery eventually led to the Battle of Blood River, where the Boers won a stunning victory against the savages.  The Boers, outnumbered 33 to 1, defeated the Zulus without sustaining a single loss.

During the Apartheid era, White South Africans erected the Voortrekker Monument to commemorate this heroic White triumph over barbarism.  An article in Life magazine from 1950 covered the dedication of this monument, an event which attracted a crowd of over 150,000.  The monument featured heroic depictions of Retief and his followers, and the dedication ceremony celebrated the pioneer heritage of the Boers.

The dedication of the Voortrekker Monument in 1950.
The dedication of the Voortrekker Monument in 1950.
Piet Retief being murdered by savages.
Piet Retief being murdered by savages.
White women and children being slaughtered.  This should make your blood boil.
White women and children being slaughtered. This should make your blood boil.
A people proud of their past.

Just like the brave White men of America’s past, the South Africans fought and sacrificed in order to secure a safe homeland for their women and children, a place free from the threat of rape and murder at the hands of colored savages.  Tragically, this homeland is all but destroyed thanks to the efforts of world Jewry.  After Apartheid ended, the inherent barbarism of the Negro once again reigned supreme.  The country is plagued by rape and murder, and violent packs of natives roam free.  Even many in the mainstream media can no longer deny that White South Africans are undergoing a slow genocide.

Modern day victims of Negro barbarism.
Modern day victims of Negro barbarism.
Good thing the evil racists aren't in charge anymore.
Good thing the evil racists aren’t in charge anymore.

The events of the past and of the present make one thing exceedingly clear: Whites bring civilization, the dark-skinned races bring barbarism.  To counter this obvious truth, the Jews use their control of the media to manipulate the emotions of White people.  Narratives about “saintly” men like Mandela and the sufferings of the poor, helpless blacks are fed to us practically from infancy.  This constant barrage of heartstring-tugging stories overwhelms our rational faculties, rendering us intellectually neutered and unable understand the simplest facts.  Whites have become so brainwashed that they even consent to importing black savages into their own countries, guaranteeing that all White countries will soon suffer the fate of South Africa.

The goal of the Daily Stormer is to break down this Jewish deception, and bring Whites to their senses.  Once this has been achieved, the march of civilization will continue.  Our homelands will be restored, the sacrifices of our ancestors will again be honored, and new monuments will be erected to the victims of the attempted genocide of the White race.

With God’s help, onward to Victory.