The Retardality of Evil

“Fountains of blood, bro, no cap frfr. Shit was whack af.”

Remember “the banality of evil”?

Remember when people used to use that term?

You heard it somewhere. Maybe you don’t remember where.

It was related to Adolf Eichmann’s “trial” in Israel. Eichmann was a high-ranking Nazi and the Jews went and kidnapped him 15 years after the war and gave him a fake “war crimes” trial before executing him (by hanging! Like he’d gotten caught killing a nigga for his Air Jordans!). It was like, one of the most extreme, bizarre acts any state had ever done, and definitely not banal.

Of course, the term was not used in reference to the evil Jews and their non-banal acts, but to the Nazis supposedly trying to exterminate the Jews (and accidentally increasing their numbers).

But at the trial, Eichmann testified that there were so many bodies buried under the ground that wherever you walked blood would start squirting up out of the ground like something out of a hentai.

“But I also remember today driving through Lemberg, on the outskirts, and seeing for the first time something I had never seen before, namely a fountain of blood. I passed a site where Jews had been shot some time before and where – apparently as a result of the pressure of the gasses – the blood was shooting out of the earth like a fountain.”

This doesn’t seem very banal.

(There is all kinds of ridiculous shit from this trial; his testimony could have been the script for a Mel Brooks film. The entire concept of the thing was that he knew they were going to kill him no matter what so he said the goofiest shit imaginable so future historians would understand the whole thing was a hoax.)

The specific Jew book from whence the term emerged, “Eichmann in Jerusalem,” explains itself thusly:

The suggestion he was supposed to be having some kind of emotional breakdown while sitting through that monkey show knowing he was going to be hanged at the end regardless doesn’t make any sense. It also doesn’t make sense that an evil is banal because it was the result of order following. Like, say someone tells you to drive around fountains of blood, and you’re only doing it because it’s your job; fountains of blood do not then become banal. This is not the way words work.

Basically, the term was used because it sounds vaguely poetic, implying false depth of observation. Instead of what you thought “evil” was – which was cold and calculating – it is actually humdrum. It’s a bit like how Democrats are the real racists.

“The banality of may ten feet penes make you fell so good in ur vagene”

I don’t know how I feel, generally, about the use of the term “evil” to describe human behavior. Certainly, describing the humans themselves as evil is something unfit for adult discussion.

But let’s go ahead, for the sake of argument, and allow that particularly heinous, violent, hurtful, malicious human actions are “evil.” (Note that crimes of a normal nature, such as murder, rape, and theft, are not “evil,” as they have clear benefit to the perpetrator, and do not necessarily involve or imply sadism.)

Whether we are talking about:

  • The allegations of the Jews, of rollercoasters of death, masturbation machines, a cage with an eagle and a bear, the Wall of Eyes, the Wall of Death, changing the color of people’s eyes, stacking bodies 20 feet high and using wood to incinerate them into ash, turning people into furniture and cleaning products or any of these other Holocaust claims, or
  • The real world actions of the Jews, such as inciting black people to do a violent revolution because a gentle giant OD’d on fentanyl in police custody, faking a viral pandemic and injecting half the planet with a deadly experimental gene therapy, sending out a retarded teenage girl to lecture grown men (world leaders) about how cow farts are going to cause tornadoes and kill everyone, turning a staged border dispute in the former USSR into a struggle for the soul of democracy (gay sex), manipulating vulnerable children into undergoing extreme genital mutilation, sending homosexuals in woman’s clothing to molest children at the public library, or any of these other various sadistic and maniacal Jewish behaviors

We would be talking about “the retardality of evil.”

Because the stupid Jewish lies about white people’s behavior, and the actual behavior of the Jews against white people, are fundamentally retarded by nature. That is their first quality. I cannot think of any action that can be described as “evil,” whether real or imagined, that is not clearly retarded.

Recent case in point: the leader of the populist party of Germany has just been charged with “hate speech” for saying “Everything for Germany.”

Obviously, the whole child tranny thing is the worst example. Or the best example.

The purpose is, in theory, to drastically reduce the population. All of these kids are sterile (the drugs they give preteens as “puberty blockers” sterilize them permanently), and of course most of them kill themselves. It would be really easy to just kill the kids. Instead, the Jewish Pritzker family has built an ideology around “synthetic biology” that is part of a plan to create a new form of mutant creature from humans. The idea is something similar to the creatures from Dead Space.

A 2022 article in Tablet magazine that recently went viral goes through the sordid details of this retardality.

There is absolutely zero reason that people who believe in global warming and who are okay with child trannyism wouldn’t just simply send their kids to be sacrificed to the weather gods, old school.

That isn’t a joke. If they had started promoting, in 2015, that it is a very highly moral activity to send your kid to be sacrificed to the weather gods, in the current year you would have people lining up.

I just want say one more time: people would accept Aztec style human sacrifice in the name of global warming. That could very easily happen in real life. It would obviously be much more humane than chopping these kids up and shooting them with drugs.

However, it seems that the problem is that just doing normal human sacrifice would be too darn banal.