The Road to Zero Fertility

We have a new weird sexual thing to discuss.

Daily Mirror:

A new reality series is sparking controversy with its promise to ‘skip the dating and go straight to the baby-making’.

Fox’s Labour of Love sees 15 men competing to impregnate a 41-year-old woman they have never met.

Kirsty Katzmann is the singleton hoping to bag herself a baby daddy on the never been done before series.

In last night’s debut episode, Kirsty introduced herself to the hopefuls as a professional and a divorcee from Chicago seeking to find the right man to have a child with.

After having no success on the dating scene, Kirsty said yes to the divisive premise because she felt her ‘biological clocking was ticking’ and wanted to achieve her dream of motherhood.

“I had just turned 40 at the time and I had just gotten out of a relationship. I was trying to navigate dating, knowing that I still wanted to start a family and that time was definitely not on my side,” she revealed.

Enter fifteen potential suitors who all moved into a house together and take it in turns to date Kirsty in the hopes of one day providing her with their sperm.

Let me tell you what is most offensive about this game show: the woman is 41-years-old, and they are talking about a “ticking clock.” In actual fact, she is virtually a finished clock. Many women at the age of 41 are simply incapable of getting pregnant and carrying a child to term, especially if it is their first. Others require tens of thousands of dollars of medical assistance. The statistics are difficult to parse out, given that there is a lot of political correctness involved, but everyone admits that the chance of experiencing every possible complication increases progressively every day after a girl turns 17.

By simply existing, this show advertises to women the idea that they can wait until they are in their forties to have children, which is just absolute cancer for society. The worst form of social cancer, in fact. The refusal of women to follow the order of nature – a refusal which stems naturally from giving them the choice – is the very heart of the collapse of the family and thus the very core of our social rot.

This game show woman explains that she is doing this quirky game show because she couldn’t find a good man on the dating scene. The reason for that is very simple: she is 41. Virtually no man of any quality at all, of any age, is going to be interested in a woman this old. That is just the harsh reality that these women have to face. They aren’t told this when they are young. Instead, they are told that men care about women’s education and life experience. Men might care about these things, but only in the sense that the less of these two things a woman has, the better. Even if you could find a high-quality man that was exclusively interested in women for their personalities (and it’s questionable than any such man exists), the fact is that the longer a woman remains unmarried, the more sexual partners she has, the more jaded and incapable of developing trust she becomes, and the worse her personality becomes.

A Happy Woman is a Baby Machine

Given that our society is controlled by satanic Jews who have an agenda to wipe out White Christians, anti-natal concepts flood every crevice of our bizarre and unnatural culture.

The modern anti-natalist lingo has continually pushed the claim that men think of women as “baby-making machines” and that this is morally wrong. However, “baby-making machines” is literally what women are, and the best among the crueler sex are happy to admit it, and take pride in it.

There are only two things that a woman actually enjoys, and they are also the only two things she is actually good at:

  1. The mating game
  2. Birthing and caring for babies

Everyone knows this is true. All of the things a woman loves ultimately revolve around these two things, and a woman who has passed her fertility period and is without children will be the most miserable of all people on earth.

The mating game as played by women is the entire series of behaviors which involve baiting and emotionally manipulating men. Sometimes this game results in sex, but it’s statistically low compared to the number of men that she engages with the suggestion of sex.

Modern society, with its birth control pills and abortion, and its feminist morality, encourages women to engage in the mating game well past the period of time in which they are naturally supposed to be doing it. It also constantly tells women that if they seek the second thing they want and are good at, children, then they will regret the loss of the first thing. Though she really does enjoy the mating game, it becomes progressively less enjoyable as she ages, in part because she becomes progressively less successful at it.

Being a “baby machine” is the only way a woman can ever be fulfilled. By the time a woman hit 30 in the olden days, she was welcoming her grandchildren. Before the modern era, it wouldn’t have been particularly remarkable for a woman of 41, like the woman in this show, to be a great-grandmother.

A War on the Family

Virtually every mammal begins breeding as soon as it experiences its first menstruation, which is why women were typically sold off at this age. That biological fact tends to make people in our society very uncomfortable, as in the last century we’ve developed various taboos around an arbitrary age of female sexual readiness. That taboo is in itself not especially problematic. There is no reason women can’t wait until the arbitrary age of 16 to get married and have children. If that is what we were talking about, that would be fine.

But that is not what we are talking about. What we are talking about is waiting to the arbitrary age of 16 before the girl is considered available for so-called “consensual” pre-marital sex. The social acceptability of pre-marital sex is the first concession on the road to zero fertility.

A girl’s innocence is not truly lost when she loses her virginity. Her innocence is lost when she realizes that the man she lost her virginity to will not be her husband. She will shed a tear when her hymen breaks, but it is when she finds that her first will not also be her last that she weeps. Even today, I assume, most teenage girls imagine that they will marry their high school boyfriends. This is because in that state of innocence, she has not yet learned to become a slut.

Most Christian preachers will speak of “waiting until marriage” to have sex. Or, at least, they used to. Human biology, however, works differently than this. In the upper classes, it may have been possible to indoctrinate a girl into forcing a man to wait until marriage. And surely some lower class girls would be just that good. But in what is probably a majority of situations, going all the way back to the establishment of monogamous marriage for life as a fundamental institution for maintenance of the the stability of a complex society, teenagers had sex before marriage, the girl got pregnant and the marriage was then quickly arranged by the parents. I don’t know how these conversations would go, but you can easily imagine it. The marriage would happen quickly, the girl would wear a white dress and everyone would be too polite to do the math on the number of weeks between the wedding and the birth.

It must be noted that even given this dynamic, the girl would not spread her legs until she knew there was a path to marriage. So, she would likely hold out, up through the 50s, to whenever high school was finished. Because when she makes the decision to have sex with a boy, even if it is before the actual ceremony, in her mind he will be her first and last man.

(It must also be noted that even in this ideal scenario, if the incentives for women to abandon men they’d married existed, many women would do so. Not at the same rate that they do so now, but at a society-breaking rate nonetheless. Also, as we will discuss later, if a woman had no choices about where she was able to seek material resources, even a woman who’d had 1,000 sex partners could make a good wife.)

The problem now is that not only is it socially acceptable for teenage girls to have sex and not get married, but their own mothers are putting them on birth control, and their schools will give them secret abortions. Even with these dynamics however, it would still be the inclination of most teenage girls to marry the boy she lost her virginity to. Yet there is literally no path, at all, to marriage.

A teenage girl is told that she not only must wait until she finishes high school, but also college, and then have a job and work for some indeterminate amount of time. Basically, if we were now teaching “wait until marriage to have sex,” we would be telling women to wait until they are nearly a decade past prime fertility. This situation is utterly insane on its face, and it is unbelievable that Christians have accepted it unquestioningly.

If Christians truly believe that women should wait until marriage to have sex, and believe that the family is the foundational block of society, then literally every single sermon they give should be about the evils of sending women to college instead of marrying them off after high school. If churches were doing that, then we would have an established subculture in the West of conservative-minded people who were creating large, stable families. As the liberals failed to produce children, we would be the overwhelming majority of the population by now if every daughter of a Christian man was pumping out babies from the time she turned 16. But no, instead, preachers are talking about “prosperity gospel” and telling well-meaning people to serve the satanic Jews who murdered our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

When a girl knows that no path exists to marry the first boy, for which she felt feelings that she will never again feel for the rest of her life, driven by all of these hormones that are intended to create a bond during the teenage years, she gives up on the idea of maintaining her innocence. After the first few boys, she has become hardened to it, and has embraced the fun and the power of promiscuity. This is literally a system designed to break the basic psychological mechanisms that exist biologically in the brain of a female that drive her towards family formation. It is all promoted by the psychological warfare machine that is the media and educational establishment, both of which are totally dominated by the Jews.

When you start adding abortions into the mix – that is, the literal murder by dismemberment of her own children – you are turning the cute little creature that is a bubbly teenage girl into a monster that is unfit for marriage. Of course, despite her lack of fitness, men will still pursue her, but by her early twenties she is already addicted to a lifestyle defined by using her sexuality to entice and manipulate men, i.e., she is fully involved in the above listed first thing that brings her happiness, which is the mating game.

Clearly, we have a pattern of women who approach the end of their fertility developing a kind of madness as they crave pregnancy. Some of them marry low-quality men their own age and successfully manage to have children in their thirties to be followed by an inevitable divorce. But more and more of them are pushing through, childless, and becoming vile demons intent on punishing the society that took a bubbly teenage girl who dreamed of marrying her high school boyfriend and turned her into an old hag. There is no end to the damage such a woman will do, as all purpose has been stripped from her and she exists only to do harm.

Where We are Now

We are not going to get back to virgin (or soon after virginity) marriages any time soon. What I have outlined here is the ideal, and the natural order, rather than an attainable goal given the current dynamics of our society.

The best we can hope for now is that already damaged women are forced out of the slut lifestyle by circumstance. Once a woman has had more than three sex partners, she is committed to the whore lifestyle and will not look back until she is in her late twenties and rushing to get pregnant only to find that high quality men are no longer interested in spending more than a couple of hours with her.

However, committed slut or not, her ability to engage in sluttery only exists insofar as she is capable of taking care of her own material needs. The most basic order of nature is that a man provides for the material needs of a woman in exchange for sex and the bringing forth of his sons, as well as taking care of some menial tasks around the house.

Our anti-natal society, which creates these sluts in the first place, reinforces their ability to slut it up by forcing men to work to pay for women to remain single. Single women are given large amounts of welfare, which is the labor of men redistributed to women. The government also forces companies to hire women before men who could do the job better through affirmative action. As we are entering a kind of economic collapse situation, there is a chance that women will no longer be able to parasite off men in this way, and will be forced to either assume the role of wives and provide men with sex and sons in exchange for material protection, or simply start taking cash in exchange for sex.

We don’t know that this will happen. We have no idea what is going to happen next. But we should always remain hopeful, and until Christ Himself returns and orders women to behave, we should always, always, always have the primary goal of reestablishing the family unit as the core of our society.

Realism is the Only Valid Way for Men to Manage This Horrible Situation

We are discussing a problem that is a lot easier to identify than it is to fix, and I believe that ultimately, it can only be fixed on the societal level. However, individuals must try to make relationships work.

I have been repeatedly accused by “right-wing feminists” of pushing ideas which would harm the formation of families. In my perception, this is the precise opposite of what I do. Their arguments are not actually clear to me. I’ve tried to address them before, and would love to write a response to any clear theory put forward.

As far as I can tell, and I can only speculate because the arguments are emotional and unclear, these critics are claiming that men will be more successful in dealing with women if they pander to them and pretend that they are not completely damaged sluts. Typically they call this “respecting women,” but what that term means in modern feminist parlance is deferring to and ultimately submitting to the woman as the dominant partner in the relationship.

Someone is going to be in control, and what modern women always demand is that they be the ones in control. It is only by refusing them that control that you will gain their respect. Of course, whatever respect you gain from a woman is fleeting and as long as a woman has the option of surviving without you, which all Western societies currently offer them, they will never respect or honor their husbands as the Bible commands them to – which is in total submission, just as a Christian man is in total submission to God. For a woman, submission to God takes the form of submission to her husband. This concept is spelled out without ambiguity throughout the Old and New Testament.

The underlying assumption of the feminists is that women can somehow be reasoned with, which is simply false on its face. No woman will ever agree to be a “partner” in the sense of a business partner, where decisions are made together. If you cannot maintain absolute authority over a woman, she will take any place where your authority is weak as an opening and an opportunity to undermine you.

“Respecting women” is largely a nonsensical concept, which cannot be taken as anything other than malicious, a twisted way of demanding that women be given control of the partnership. It makes exactly as much sense as saying we should “respect children.” We shouldn’t disrespect our wives or children, we shouldn’t abuse them, we should always protect them from harm, even with our own lives. But we do not respect their opinions, nor do they have bodily autonomy. Within the basic order of nature, a man has complete physical dominance over and the right to determine every aspect of the lives of both his wife and his children. Or course, God tells us to take care of them, but that care often involves doing things they don’t like and disciplining them.

The closest the Bible ever comes to “respect” for women is in imploring men to not be resentful of their wives for their bad behavior. That is to say, to forgive them as you would forgive an annoying child.

Giving authority to women is not only against the order of nature and in opposition to the direct commandments of God, but it is also the easiest way to ensure you are never successful with women. We understand very well that women do not respect men who pander to them, and they certainly do not reward them with sex or marriage. Women are only ever going to respect dominant men. The only women that would take a non-dominant man seriously enough to have sex with him are older women who, as outlined above, are looking for a dupe to marry them after they’ve already been run-through by hundreds of men (a majority of women in the West have a three-digit bodycount by the time they hit 30). If men are interested in that, they still do not benefit by being weak and “respecting” (read: submitting to) the woman. The relationship will always work better if the man is dominant.

Feminists who claim that women are attracted to men who pander to them are lying. Even very handsome and well-off men are going to have difficulty managing a relationship if they defer to a woman.

Everyone is having a hard time. Families are the single most important thing to me, and I absolutely want men to have the best chances possible in forming their own families. I do believe that the coming troubles may give people much better opportunities on that front, so single men should be prepared. Of course, there is going to be a massive wave of divorces in the first stages of this collapse, when the government is still offering women money and various other incentives if they leave their husbands, which they are going to be desiring to do because their husbands will be out of work. But I do believe that the government will not, in the longer term, be able to provide very much for a woman, and in such a situation a man who is capable of providing will be in a position where he can demand the woman submit to him.