The Science Calls for Public Health Measures Against Climate Change

If the coronavirus scam proved anything, it is that people will believe basically whatever the media says, and that people’s beliefs are not linked to factual information.

Global warming is an even bigger scam than the coronavirus.

The Guardian:

The climate crisis may pose the greatest risks to people with respiratory illnesses, with high temperatures and changing weather patterns exacerbating lung health problems, experts have said.

Respiratory experts have called on the EU to lower its regulatory limits for air pollution in line with the World Health Organization (WHO). In a European Respiratory Journal editorial, they said: “We need to do all we can to help alleviate patients’ suffering.”

They added that the impact of the climate emergency and human health had become interlinked and was now “irreversible”. An increase in pollen and other allergens as well as wildfires, dust storms and fossil fuel-based traffic all worsen existing respiratory conditions or can create new ones, the authors wrote in the peer-reviewed paper.

Air pollution is estimated to have killed 6.7 million people globally in 2019 and 373,000 in Europe, with greenhouse gases and air pollution sharing many of the same sources.

Climate change affects everyone’s health, but arguably, respiratory patients are among the most vulnerable,” said Zorana Jovanovic Andersen, a professor of environmental epidemiology at the University of Copenhagen and an author of the report. “These are people who already experience breathing difficulties and they are far more sensitive to our changing climate. Their symptoms will become worse, and for some this will be fatal.”

Children are more affected by the climate crisis and air pollution because their lungs are still developing, they breathe faster and they inhale two to three times more air than adults while spending more time outdoors.

Nice to see that as the government gets more aggressive with this warming bullshit, people are pushing back more.