The Science Demands Someone Do Something About the Sexism of Naming Craters on Other Planets

This time, The Science has spoken to us through Annie Lennox, doctoral researcher at The Open University in the UK

Do any of these science bitches even try to pretend they’re doing any actual science?

Because as far as I can tell, every single one of them is doing nothing but renaming “problematic” things, whining about sexism, or doing campaigns to get more girls to play with Legos.

Women are basically being allowed to play dolly at major corporations and academic institutions.

I know women have no shame, but you’d think at least some of them would be smart enough to realize there’s gonna be a backlash at some point – even if it’s only about the amount of money that has been wasted.

Daily Mail:

The guidelines for naming a planet’s surface features are not inclusive enough and are biased towards men, an academic has said, as research shows fewer than 2% of Mars’s craters are named after women.

Is she an academic? Or is she just a nagging cunt who was pushed through the education system based on her fantastic abilities for route-memorization who is now playing dolly in academia?

(Rhetorical question, by the way.)

An analysis of the International Astronomical Union’s (IAU) database has also revealed that only 32 (2%) out of 1,578 known Moon craters bear a woman’s name.

In an open letter published in the journal Nature Astronomy, Annie Lennox, a doctoral researcher at The Open University, said the male-biased culture of naming planetary features ‘inherently disadvantages women and marginalised groups’.

She is urging the IAU – an international association of professional astronomers – to change its policies which are ‘biased towards cisgender (cis) white men’.

Can you believe this is named after some Dutch guy? I’m appalled.

Ms Lennox, from Aberdeenshire, said: ‘Space exploration has revealed worlds of rock, of ice and… metal.

‘For all the worlds in our solar system, it has become customary to name prominent surface features such as craters.

‘Distant craters on the Moon, Mars and Mercury record a history much closer to home: celebrating the achievements of mankind, and to a much lesser extent womankind.’

Bitch, shut up.

You are nagging like a Jew.

No one is interested.

Men are doing real, adult work, and you need to leave them alone.

This is not dolly’s playhouse.

Italian astronomer Giovanni Battista Riccioli first started naming lunar craters in 1635, adopting the names of famous scientists for his discoveries – a convention still maintained by the IAU today, Ms Lennox said.

While the IAU does not bestow the names itself, it does help establish working groups or task forces to propose and approve names for specific features based on certain guidelines – often honouring historical figures or mythology or cultural themes.

Ms Lennox said IAU’s guidelines have an impact on the diversity and inclusivity of the scientific communities that ultimately choose the names.

That’s a non sequitur.

Women are not in this field because they are not good at it and they do not care about it.

It’s the same reasons women are not in most male fields, the same reason they do not rank in chess or Fortnite.

It’s also the same reason men do not play with dollies or go around nagging everyone.

Men and women are very different.

This is the same university that ran out multiple teachers for not believing women have dicks