The Science Hopes to Prescribe Cannabis to Make Women Experience More Orgasms

Remember when, a few minutes ago, I was telling you about how there is no research money into PFAS and other petrochemical poisoning because all the money goes to research that actually makes people money?

How much money do you think was spent on trying to use marijuana to make women have orgasms?

I can pretty well guarantee that more was spent on this in the last year than on PFAS poisoning research.

This is what “The Science” is. It’s all this type of scammy shit to make money selling things. Government grants are issued based on lobbying groups.

This whole society is one big Jewish loot-fest.

New York Post:

A new study published this week in the journal Sexual Medicine suggests that the psychoactive plant and other tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)-based derivatives can help women with sexual dysfunction achieve orgasm. Female participants who consumed cannabis before sexual activity with a partner were able to reach climax more frequently and with greater ease, and felt overall more satisfied with their orgasms, researchers found.

This research was personal for author Suzanne Mulvehill, executive director of the Female Orgasm Research Institute and founder of the Women’s Cannabis Project.

“I was interested in this topic because it was cannabis that helped me overcome my own orgasm difficulty, something I tried to overcome for more than 30 years, seeing four sex therapists in this time frame and trying other treatment modalities,” Mulevehill said in a recent statement. “I wanted to research if other women who had orgasm difficulty were also benefiting from cannabis.”

Suzanne Mulvehill

Researchers analyzed questionnaire responses, submitted anonymously online, from over 1,000 women who had engaged in partnered sex within the past month. After weeding out for ineligible participants — those who were pregnant or breastfeeding, under the age of 18 or had used other intoxicants alongside cannabis before sex — Mulvehill’s team was left with 387 individual surveys on which to draw their conclusions.

According to the data, women who previously struggled to orgasm benefitted from a nearly 40% increase in climax frequency overall thanks to cannabis, and 88.8% of participants said they reached orgasm more frequently with cannabis, compared to 63.3% without it. The number of women who said they seldom or never climax decreased by over 25 percentage points, from 36.6% to just 11.4%, with the use of cannabis.

Mulvehill hopes to eventually develop a cannabis-based prescription medication to treat female orgasmic dysfunction once approved across the US.

Firstly, there is no purpose to a “female orgasm.” It’s a nonsense concept.

The male orgasm is connected to ejaculation, which, in its natural form, leads to insemination.

But women are just like those rats in the heroin cage with everything.

But hey – women are really profitable.