The Science: Kids Spread Less Coronavirus Because They Breathe Less Than Adults

Quit your breathin’, boy!

I done had enough of all this breathin’ y’all been doin’ with y’all’s breath!

-The Science

The Guardian:

Primary school-aged children produce about four times fewer aerosol particles when breathing, speaking or singing compared with adults, which could help explain why they seem to be at lower risk of spreading Covid.

Various studies have suggested that young children are about half as susceptible to catching Covid as adults, and, despite carrying a similar amount of virus in their noses and throats, appear to pass it to fewer people if they do become infected.

One possibility is that the size and shape of their lungs and respiratory tracts means they emit fewer tiny airborne droplets called aerosols as they breathe and speak. These particles can linger in the air, particularly in enclosed space such as classrooms, so fewer aerosols could mean other people are less likely to be infected if they also occupy those spaces.

Maybe it’s time to embrace the nose only mask?

Why did we ever assume that everyone is a mouth-breather?

Maybe we should have just locked down the mouth-breathing scum, boy?

But of course, the mouth mask should be worn over the nose mask, except in low-breathing situations.

That’s logical.

It’s straight from The Science.

Whatever we decide to do with the masks, we need to get used to them, because they’re here forever.

Why not have a little fun?