The Science Reveals New Battery the Size of a Grain of Dust

Not sure I believe this is real.


The world’s smallest battery, which is the size of a grain of dust, has been unveiled by researchers in Germany, with the potential to power computers anytime and anywhere.

The development has the possibility of addressing two problems that have hampered technological progress: the lack of on-chip power sources and challenges in producing integrable microbatteries. The creation of a tiny battery could boost technological development.

“Our results show encouraging energy storage performance at the sub-square-millimeter scale,” Dr. Minshen Zhu, one of the researchers behind the project, said. Professor Oliver Schmidt, Zhu’s colleague, added that “There is still a huge optimization potential for this technology, and we can expect much stronger microbatteries in the future.”

The rechargeable microbatteries produced by the team at Germany’s Chemnitz University of Technology had the ability to power the world’s smallest computer chips for around ten hours. A tiny battery would, therefore, have significant potential for future technologies as devices continue the trend towards miniaturization.

This is technology they’ve been saying they were going to have for decades.

This will power tiny computers that can invade your body, as well as swarms of robot insects.

But a lot of this stuff is a lot further off than they’d like you to believe.