The Science Says All Dogs and Cats Must Go Vegan to Change the Weather

They had been suggesting this on the fringe for a long time.

It was only a matter of time before a big time Guardian article.

The Guardian:

If all the world’s dogs went vegan it would save more greenhouse gas emissions than those produced by the UK, according to research advocating the environmental benefits of plant-based pets.

The study estimated cats and dogs consume about 9% of all land animals killed for food – about 7 billion animals annually – as well as billions of fish and aquatic animals. Plant-based diets lower greenhouse gas emissions and require less land and water.

The research at the University of Winchester calculated that if all the world’s dogs went vegan, it would free up a larger land mass than Mexico and more freshwater than all the renewable freshwater in Denmark, and would feed about 450 million additional people – more than the entire EU population.

If all the world’s cats went vegan, it would save more emissions than those produced by New Zealand, land larger than Germany, freshwater exceeding all renewable freshwater in Jordan, and would feed about 70 million additional people – more than the entire UK population, according to the study published in the Plos One scientific journal.

Prof Andrew Knight, the veterinary academic who led the study, said that many pet owners were unaware of the “profound environmental impacts” caused by their animals’ food.

If you sit and watch animals these days, you can tell they don’t have nearly as much energy as they did a decade ago.

They don’t have anyone but us to take care of them.