French Retards: 41% Want Lifetime Limit on Flights (4, In Your Whole Life) to Change the Weather

People apparently believe this is going to happen to someone else, and not them.

Or this is a totally fake poll.

Honestly, I don’t meet people who believe in child trannies, other than unhinged white women. But the global warming thing – they’ve actually convinced people that you are some stupid hillbilly if you don’t believe this bullshit.

No one wants to look like a stupid hillbilly. Everyone is very concerned about status.


There used to be the alternative of having status for being “rebellious” and “cool.” But that whole concept seems to have largely dissolved, because the price for being cool (i.e., right-wing in the current year) is so high, that even if it is sexy, people are not willing to pay the cost.

When I was a kid in the 1990s, listening to edgy “anarchist” music, supporting faggots, abortion and so on, was “cool.” (This was tied into opposition to George Bush and the evangelical movement.) But it was also, like, you could still be politically incorrect, say faggot, make rape jokes, etc.. I remember when I was about 19, in the mid-2000s, I started identifying as a Christian and saying abortion was just pandering to women. I was always on the edge of this “cool” stuff. I’m too old to be cool now, but I still feel some kind of obligation to oppose the mainstream consensus.

I’ve been meaning to write something about my own life and the evolution of rebelliousness. I don’t remember everything. But I do remember that by the time Al Gore came out with that global warming documentary that said New York would be under water by 2012, I was saying “yeah, that’s fake – Al Gore is a reptile creature from another dimension trying to suck the gas of life out of the atmosphere to make it habitable by demonic entities that are probably silicon-based lifeforms.”

Eventually, everyone figured out that the most rebellious thing you could do was deny the Holocaust. However, it now feels like the Jew issue is kind of opening up, and the real third rail is child marriage.

I’m here for it.

Look, we’re gonna try something new. Instead of posting a quote from a mainstream news article, I’m just going to summarize it with bullet points.

Here we go:

  • A survey conducted by the Consumer Science and Analytics Institute in France reveals that 41% of respondents support a proposal by engineer Jean-Marc Jancovici to limit individuals to four flights in their lifetime.
  • Among those under 35 years old, 48% back the idea, rising to 59% for 18 to 24-year-olds. Additionally, 64% of French people are in favor of reducing their air travel for the sake of the climate, with support increasing to 72% among those under 35.
  • The French government, led by Emmanuel Macron, has actively worked to reduce air travel, implementing measures like banning domestic flights for journeys possible by train in under two-and-a-half hours.
  • Recently, France urged EU nations to impose a minimum price on flights within Europe to cut down on emissions, although this proposal has faced opposition from airline associations citing violations of EU market laws.

I think these quotes from news sources might be too long and boring.

We want this website to be like, “pop-pop, muthafaka.”

Here’s the original on Breitbart. I would have had to quote 248 words. This takes it to 133, and contains the exact same amount of relevant information.

This may well be the future of the site. (It almost certainly will be.) I will continue to link the original article, for those interested in doing things the old-fashioned way, but I’ve always felt news articles were way too long, and the “…” system can only fix that so much, because much of the gluttony of news articles relates to the structure of the sentences themselves.

If more than a third of the population believes they should only have four flights in their lifetime… honestly, I don’t really even understand how to interpret that. Maybe it just means they don’t want to go to Asia or the Americas, because they believe there will be ultra-fast trains to everywhere in Europe.

I honestly just have a hard time believing that anyone believes in global warming at all. It’s so obviously fake for anyone looking at the evidence, and for a person too stupid to do that, it is so vague and far away. And surely, it should be obvious that warming is not a negative thing. Even stupid people have to be aware that people eat food that grows in fields only during the warm months.

And don’t we all learn in middle school that the earth is at the end of an ice age?