The Shortage is Unjustifiable, But Using This Baby Formula Should be Illegal in the First Place

We’ve reported on the baby formula shortage a bit, and it should be reported on. This is an instance of the government being incapable of providing something that people’s lives are dependent on. There are all kinds of other shortages going on, but the baby formula shortage got people talking, because people are rightly frightened at the inability of the government to provide something that people need to live.

That having been said: feeding babies this formula is child abuse, and in a normal society, it would be illegal. People in this country are stupid, and women are not even people, but something much stupider. The government, media, and medical establishment has told them that they can make their lives easier by feeding these babies this poison. Now they are dependent on it.

Just to be clear, because many men probably aren’t aware: a woman starts producing milk shortly before delivery, so that when the baby comes out, the little rascal can be quickly silenced by putting a nipple in his mouth. The woman will then continue to produce milk as long as it is being used. In the midst of the shortage, there was a tweet from Bette Midler that feminists raged at, saying that breast milk is free.

She basically doubled-down on the hate mob.

Bette is a nasty old Jewess, but credit where credit is due: mocking whiny women and then mocking The Science is ultra-based.

Another Jew, Dr. Daniel Summers, was asked to respond to Bette’s statement, and gave a hilariously Jewish response that almost sounded like a parody of abusive Jew social engineering:

Saying breastfeeding is free means that no value is put on the mother’s time, because breastfeeding requires a great deal of time and effort. Some mothers do not have the resources necessary to give that time, in many cases because they need to bring home money to support their families and cannot dedicate the time to nursing.

The actual response to Bette’s tweet would be that a woman who has chosen to use the bottle can’t just start producing milk again. If you don’t use the milk for two weeks, you stop until you get pregnant again. So, these stupid, selfish women are really being held against a wall by this shortage.

But I still cringe a bit when I see Marjorie Taylor Greene or Tucker Carlson talking about the mothers as victims. They are victims in some broader sense that everyone in society is a victim of Jewish social engineering, but they are also dumb whores who chose not only to harm their children’s health, but also to bet the lives of their children on the stability of globalist corporate supply chains.

I’ve started telling old guys not to go on TRT, even though all the research is very positive, because the supplies could break down and then you’d be left in a disaster situation. But they wouldn’t die. Even if it was a stable society, assuming that you can always get this chemical juice from a store is really even more irresponsible than feeding the kids the chemical juice in the first place.

That said: Eyepatch McCain saying that women complaining about the lack of formula were Russian agents was one of the most horrendous things I’ve ever seen a neocon say. I believe the exact quote was: “Argh, these wenches are running a rig with mudak scallywags. Hang the jib and clear the gangway – they’ll walk the plank! Argh, keel haul the lass – shark bait! Ho!”

Crenshaw is probably the worst person who has ever existed on earth, and if there’s anyone who will make me side with selfish skanks who refuse to care for their own children, it’s him.

The Need to Feed

According to all research, you’re supposed to breastfeed a child for a bare minimum of 1 year (until they can eat solid food), but there are likely benefits and there is certainly no harm in going beyond that. It is necessary for the development of the immune system and for the hormonal system. Skipping breastfeeding also severely damages the mother-child bond on both sides, and can contribute to serious life-long emotional and psychological problems. It is also a matter of fact that it increases the child’s IQ – or, more accurately, not breastfeeding lowers the IQ, as breastfeeding is obviously the default.

I just searched the topic to find the scientific study for you, and interestingly I found that the media has recently been admitting this.

I suppose that’s because the formula crisis has people thinking about the subject. Also, UPI and Healthline are not the NYT or WaPo. I don’t think the mainstream feminist outlets would report this, as it is against democracy to report on facts related to the consequences of female selfishness. Democracy dies in scientific data showing that avoiding stretch. marks on your tits lowers your kid’s IQ by three and a half points.

Here is the study.

If this ever became discussed enough that the NYT and WaPo felt they needed to cover it, they would have some Jew woman write an article about how it isn’t really a big deal if your kid has a few points lower IQ, and the important thing is that you’re happy with your body. I’m sure you can find people saying that now.

Obviously, for a black person, it doesn’t really make much difference if his IQ is 76 or 79. But when you get into white upper-middle class families – where a lot of women want to save their tits – you’re talking about the difference between Stanford and Harvard. (The mean average controlled for maternal IQ is lower, which does actually mean that more intelligent mothers are more likely to breastfeed, and it’s likely that if you also added a control for paternal IQ, it would shrink further. Regardless, the higher the potential IQ, the higher the number of points the gap is going to be.)

That said, the effects on IQ are the least of your concerns. The baby recognizes the lack of a nipple from his mother as abandonment. The psychological and hormonal problems are tied together, as hormonal problems cause psychological problems – humans are complex unified mind-body-spirit systems. I’m certain that a large percentage of men that we see doing this “girlfriend” thing, white knighting, having all of these complexes surrounding women, were not breastfed. You don’t have to be Sigmund Freud to see a connection between infant motherly abandonment issues and an adult needing to seek validation, approval, and “love” from women. Obviously, there are a lot of different things that contribute to this deranged obsession that men have with the approval of women, so I’m not pinning it all on a lack of breastfeeding by any means – but it’s a factor.

I just want to be clear: baby formula should not exist at all. But the American formula is like some kind of sick joke. It’s literally made of corn, soy, and seed oils, fortified with synthetic vitamins and minerals. is actually a really great source for understanding just how bad the food that American goyim eat actually is. They have a policy of listing the ingredients on every product. You can check every baby formula in America on there.

This is a Simulac example:

Here’s a significantly more expensive one from Gerber:

Some of them do not even have any dairy products at all, and are made purely of corn and soy.

Everything is bad enough – the woman not doing her duty to save her tits, the woman relying on corporate supply lines – but then you look at the ingredients and it’s just beyond belief. You really might as well be feeding the baby Red Bull – that has b12 and taurine. You could also try pre-workout.

But no joke – that repulsive protein shake stuff people eat at the gym would probably work better. Or maybe the bone broth?

Who knows. None of it is going to work. You need human milk for human babies. That’s it.

People have pointed out that the products from Europe are much better in that they’re made of natural products instead of processed chemical poison. There was also a ban on importing baby formula from Europe, which Biden just lifted because of the shortage. Like, it was literally illegal to import it. People have been charged with crimes for attempting to smuggle it as contraband. So it does look like there is some kind of conspiracy to poison American children even worse.

That said, I think making a big deal out of the import ban is wrong, because it makes it sound like you’re saying that there is some universe in which a mother refusing to breastfeed is okay.

Although I haven’t done a super-deep dive on it, a study done in Poland on the IQ gap showed only a 2.1 drop from bottle-feeding, as opposed to the American study with the 3.4 point drop (the Polish study doesn’t have a control for maternal IQ). But frankly, if you have a woman who is going to say “I don’t want my child to lose 3 IQ points in order to keep my titties from getting stretched, but 2 points sounds like a fair trade,” that woman needs to be locked in a cage and forced to do everything you tell her to do under the threat of whipping.

One More Thing…

Lastly, I just want to say: women should not be allowed to breastfeed in public. This is how rebellious women are: if they agree to do their duty with the milkings, they will say, “well, then I’m going to make a big public spectacle of pulling my tits out and making everyone really uncomfortable.”

This was just becoming a thing in the 1990s when I was a kid, where women would say “do you mind if I…?” at like, a church social event or something, and then whip their tits out and start milking, and talking to people while she’s doing it. I remember recognizing how inappropriate this is. Please, don’t let your baby mama do this.

Guys, listen, just in general: you need to just ask yourself if your grandfather would do a thing. If he wouldn’t do that thing, then you probably should not do that thing either. That’s pretty much a universal rule. Obviously, you can’t stick to it 100%, but it should always be the ideal, and you should be able to manage to not let your woman breastfeed in front of other people.

Oh, and of course, someone is going to say “well, what about women who can’t breastfeed?” Firstly, 99.99% of women who make that claim are lying. I had a friend whose woman had just had a kid and I saw her with a bottle. He was a little bit beta, and he was a childhood friend I was pretty protective of, so I started scolding her. She told me she had inverted nipples. I said that I know a thing or two about nipples, and when the baby is sucking it, the nipple gets erect, and so it doesn’t matter. She then agreed to do it, but I found out later she stopped after a couple weeks.

So we’re talking about extremely rare cases where it is actually not possible for a woman to feed – when a woman says this it usually just means it’s inconvenient. But I’m sure there are some very rare cases where it’s legitimately not possible.

We used to have a really good solution to that.

Unfortunately, a group of Levantine tribespeople came into our country and destroyed the great relationship we used to have with the negro folk.