Germany: Farmers Blockade Berlin with Tractors to Protest Government Trying to Bankrupt Them

Germany is now in a state of full chaos, as the government has gone into war mode to fund the Ukraine and to deal with the fallout of the forced breakdown of the relationship with Russia.

Global warming is a catch-all. But yes, they are also destroying the country to help poison the earth with “green energy” in a lunatic plot to change the weather.

Deutsche Welle:

Farmers from across Germany descended upon Berlin on Monday, with hundreds of tractors converging on the city’s famous Brandenburg Gate under the motto, “Too much is too much!”

Farmers are angry about the federal government’s decision to scrap diesel fuel subsidies as well as the negation of tax breaks for the purchase of agricultural and forestry machinery.

According to the German Farmers’ Association, those changes could cost farmers up to €1 billion (roughly $1.1 billion).

The coalition government has justified the move by pointing to the need to plug a €17 billion hole in the country’s 2024 budget after the Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe ruled it was unconstitutional for Berlin to reallocate funds originally earmarked for coronavirus aid for other purposes.

Berlin said the court’s decision had made it imperative to cut climate-damaging subsidies.

Green Party Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir was among those criticizing the government’s approach, saying farmers have “no alternative” to diesel, adding “farmers are the ones who supply us with food, these cuts overburden the sector.”

If the Turk from the Green Party is siding with farmers, that either means an election is coming soon, or these measures are so bad they’re gonna lead to total catastrophe.

Let’s assume it’s the latter just to be safe.

Finance Minister Christian Lindner as well as Economy Minister Robert Habeck have both signaled a willingness to hear out farmers but claim they have little room to maneuver after the Karlsruhe ruling.

Farmers are now seeking to send a “first clear signal” to Berlin’s three-party governing coalition that it needs to drop the planned cuts.

Farmers’ Association President Joachim Rukwied said, “if not, there will be massive resistance from January. We will not put up with this.”

Habeck said anyone seeking to reverse cuts was obliged to present an acceptable means of financing them.

You can’t run a country with democracy when there are any kinds of problems at all.

People have to have some means of questioning the decisions of the government, and petitioning grievances.

You can’t just silence everyone and call them evil.

People have to have some kind of freedom. Democracy is so brutal and oppressive that it simply cannot stand indefinitely.

Why not cut money from here?