There are No Male “Civilians” Between the Ages of 18 and 60 in the Ukraine

The Jewish President of the Ukrainian revolutionary government, Volodymyr Zelensky, has declared that all men between the ages of 18 and 60 are not allowed to leave the country because they have to stay and fight. This effectively means that they are now drafted members of a citizen’s militia, and can therefore no longer be considered “civilians” and are in fact “enemy combatants.”

I just read through several parts of the Geneva and Hague Conventions relating to this issue of the way citizens are differentiated from combatants. Here’s a summary on the Red Cross website. It’s not entirely clear if they have to have “taken up arms,” or what that means. There is no way to know if a citizen’s militia is armed or not – especially when they are passing out Molotov cocktails – or as they call them now, Bandera smoothies (named after Stepan Bandera, the first leader who promoted the idea of Ukraine as a “nation”).

(Yes, that’s a Jew promoting an ally of Hitler to the goyim and telling them to kill Russians in his name. You could try to parse that out, or just say “yep, sounds like something a Jew would do,” and feel no surprise.)

According to the Conventions, a militia that engages in partisan activities does not have to be wearing a uniform or an insignia in order to be considered a combatant, and with these videos we’ve seen of plainclothes militia throwing Molotovs at Russians, it is reasonable for every drafted male to be considered a combatant by the Russians.

The situation effectively makes it impossible for Russians to commit “war crimes” against civilians, other than women and children, or the elderly. At the very least, they have a very good argument that this is the case.

Also, Russians could commit “war crimes” against civilian Jews, as Jewish males who meet the requirements for non-Jews have not been drafted and have been given special permission to leave the country.

Lord Miles talked about this in his recent interview with Owen Shroyer of Infowars.

There is no explanation as to why Jews have been given special permission to leave, but one would assume it is “because the Holocaust.”

It can’t be that they are just not good fighters, because many Jews – including actual Israelis – are fighting in the Ukraine military. At least, there are photo-ops making this claim.

It certainly couldn’t be that the Ukraine President, as well as the overwhelming majority of his government, is Jewish, and he is therefore protecting his own race while sending the “goyim” off to fight. Suggesting that Jews do special favors for other Jews – like not using them as human shields in a war against Russia – is both a canard and a trope.

Also, I saw a Jew on Fox News say that it wasn’t even Zelensky who made the decision to draft all the goyim, it was the defense minister.

Frankly, it doesn’t really matter anyway, because even according to Western Jewish media, fewer than 500 civilians have died in a massive military operation that’s lasted nearly two weeks and involves systematic use of human shields. You’d think many more had died from the footage you’ve seen of buildings being blown up, but Russians are being really careful.

The only thing that would end up in a lot of people dying is if Putin gives up on his current strategy of avoiding civilian casualties while begging for a deal to end the conflict, and decides to release the Chechens.

Even then, the Chechens are well trained and highly disciplined, and wouldn’t kill women and children. There would, however, presumably be a significant death toll among these “irregular” untrained men that Zelensky has armed with old AKs and Molotovs.

But at this point, I’m pro releasing the Chechens. From all legitimate reports on the ground, the majority of the civilian population doesn’t even know what is going on, or why they’ve been invaded, but the pro-Russian protests are much bigger than the pro-Ukrainian protests (even with the government obviously cracking down on pro-Russian protests in areas still controlled by the Zelensky Jewish revolutionary and neo-Nazi regime).

Note that there are also claims that the Ukrainian military itself is attacking residential neighborhoods so that CNN can go in and film.

The situation is ridiculous, and I’m ready for the next phase of it. Allowing the Chechens to go in and clean up would mean less destruction to buildings and other infrastructure, as they would function as special forces, using primarily small arms, and would not require much air support.

Let’s just go ahead and finish this.

We’ve still got Finland, Moldova, and Georgia to deal with, as we continue our march to Constantinople.

Ukraine is just the pre-show.

The day is coming, brothers, when we will receive the Eucharist in Hagia Sophia.