There is “Something Enriching” About Being Raped and Replaced

Modern Heretic
June 4, 2015

Trust me.

Our enemies have stopped trying to hide their plans. They want us dead. White nations must be flooded with the most violent and moronic alien sewage available. The goal is White genocide. No nation was ever improved by adding negroes or moe-ham-heads. They’re little more than two-legged locusts, a biological weapon deployed against normal Whites by our jewish enemy. In Germany, a nation that once committed the ultimate sin of openly resisting global zionist control, more brown sewage is badly needed. Childless witch Angela Merkel, who once stated the obvious, is now clearly back in the kosher pocket. Germany must lose its evil anti-semitic White identity that turned millions of precious merchants into household items and become another third world kaliphate.

“Hurry up and destroy your evil goy nation.”


Germany received more than 200,000 requests for asylum in 2014, with the country taking in nearly 800,000 migrants. The number is expected to be even more this year.

A country the size of the state of Texas is expected to somehow absorb nearly a million alien invaders every year. Meanwhile Germans aren’t having children. It doesn’t take a genius to predict the coming collapse. Another White homeland poisoned by kosher spiritual sickness and buried under a foreign mudslide.

Speaking to citizens in a conference on the quality of life in Germany on Monday, the Chancellor Angela Merkel said she would like to work for a culture that would be more welcoming towards refugees.

Please be more welcoming to the two-legged virus killing your ancestral lands, White person. It’s the right thing to do. Just ask your ruling scumbags.

“There is something enriching if someone wants to come to us,” Merkel said at the townhall-style meeting. These people needed to feel at home in Germany and it’s important that they can work, she added.

There’s a certain wonder in a packs of violent criminals, mosques on every corner and the final kosher solution to a nation and people they hate. Embrace your own death, Germany. Place yourself on the jewish altar to be slaughtered, you wicked not-see devils. Die for the jew.

People with qualifications would not need to apply for asylum, Merkel said.

“Qualifications” like shit-colored skin, ISIS membership, etc.

According to Merkel, the citizen dialogue is to be evaluated by researchers and continued in the second half of the year, with the results compiled in the form of “indicators for the quality of life.” The government then plans to formulate an action plan to implement suggestions.

No glorious twilight of the Old Gods, just a pathetic whimper, a worthless “dialogue” and a silent death. R.I.P. Germany.

angela merkel
The enemy within.