Three Billionaires Declare Democracy has Failed, Demand Executive Action on Mass Non-White Immigration

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 12, 2014

Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Sheldon Adelson: Three billionaires demanding the invasion of America
Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Sheldon Adelson: Three billionaires demanding the invasion of America

Democracy is great as long as it serves the needs of the Jews and their sickening super-rich goyim allies.  When it stops serving the needs of this elite, parasitical minority, it is declared to be “broken,” and this tiny but vocal group of bloodsuckers begins to whinge.

This week, the Jew Sheldon Adelson and the goyims Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, all three billionaires, published an op-ed in the New York Times claiming that democracy has failed in its mission to see that the United States be swamped with hundreds of millions of savage non-White parasites, and demanded that the people succumb to completely illegal “executive action” by the black President to ensure that these millions swamp our once-great nation.

It begins.

American citizens are paying 535 people to take care of the legislative needs of the country. We are getting shortchanged. Here’s an example: On June 10, an incumbent congressman in Virginia lost a primary election in which his opponent garnered only 36,105 votes. Immediately, many Washington legislators threw up their hands and declared that this one event would produce paralysis in the United States Congress for at least five months. In particular, they are telling us that immigration reform — long overdue — is now hopeless.

Americans deserve better than this.

The Virginia congressman – the Jew Eric Cantor – was voted out specifically because he supported the invasion agenda. That was democracy – the people saying “no” to a Jew hellbent on destroying their nation.

Hook-nosed monster Eric Cantor.  Why are you in my country?
Hook-nosed monster Eric Cantor: We denied him because we do not want his agenda.  We want our freedom.

But we definitely deserve better – we deserve better than a bunch of Jews and super-rich madmen demanding our entire nation be destroyed for the economic benefit of a small minority with soft hands who never contributed anything to our society.

The three of us vary in our politics and would differ also in our preferences about the details of an immigration reform bill. But we could without doubt come together to draft a bill acceptable to each of us. We hope that fact holds a lesson: You don’t have to agree on everything in order to cooperate on matters about which you are reasonably close to agreement. It’s time that this brand of thinking finds its way to Washington.

You seem to misunderstand us.

We, the American people, agree on exactly zero aspects of the invasion agenda. We want these savages rounded up and interned in concentration camps until they can be deported to their country of origin — but only after they have worked in the camp long enough to pay back the money they have stolen from our people by living on welfare and evading taxes.

Most Americans believe that our country has a clear and present interest in enacting immigration legislation that is both humane to immigrants living here and a contribution to the well-being of our citizens. Reaching these goals is possible. Our present policy, however, fails badly on both counts.

Where is the data indicating that “most Americans” support the agenda of you sickening parasite billionaires?

As far as I am aware, most Americans – even most terminal liberals – believe we need to completely stop mass immigration, and begin sending these people home.

Mexicans: They enrich your culture and economy, they fill important jobs in the technology sector.
Mexicans: They enrich your culture and economy, they fill important jobs in the technology sector.

It is only the rich and the super-rich who support this Jew invasion plot. The working people of this country have been destroyed by the invasion, and are struggling to simply survive. What you super-rich parasites haven’t managed to steal from them has been stolen by these savage brown hordes.

We believe it borders on insanity to train intelligent and motivated people in our universities — often subsidizing their education — and then to deport them when they graduate. Many of these people, of course, want to return to their home country — and that’s fine. But for those who wish to stay and work in computer science or technology, fields badly in need of their services, let’s roll out the welcome mat.

This is some of the most low-level idiot strawmanning I have ever been exposed to.

Do you really think the American people are this stupid, oh ye great and marvellous rich ones?

Though I personally believe that if we have subsidized the university education of any illegal immigrants, we should only deport them after they have paid back, in full, the cost of that education, that has absolutely zero to do with what we are talking about here. What “immigration reform” means is giving citizenship to tens of millions of “unskilled laborers” – that is, uneducated, probably illiterate, latin Americans who have taken low-paying jobs from the American working class.

Little Juan and Romero Gomez - either one of them could be the next CEO of Apple!  Would you deny this great human resource, America???
Little Juan and Romero Gomez – either one of them could be the next CEO of Apple! Would you deny this great human resource, America???

To even mention college-educated immigrants is so dishonest it makes this whole op-ed read like satire.

And “computer science and technology” fields are “badly in need” of non-Whites? Which are they more in need of, oh ye brilliant billionaires, who care so much about the fate of this nation – Mexicans or Haitians?

Do you people really think we are this stupid?

Apparently, you do. You look at us like maggots in the way of your grand agenda.  People you can talk to like retarded children, and we will break under this grand wizardry of speech.

Well, Sheldon, Warren and Bill, I’m not quite as retarded as you think I am.

And I have a graph.

"Non-White immigrants are a huge benefit to our technological sector." -The Super Rich
“Non-White immigrants are a huge benefit to our technological sector.” -The Super Rich

And doesn’t technological proficiency correlate with IQ?

I have another graph.

A benefit to the technological sector?
A benefit to the technological sector?

Hey Bill, did you hire non-Whites to design Windows 8?

Because that I could actually believe.

For the future, the United States should take all steps to ensure that every prospective immigrant follows all rules and that people breaking these rules, including any facilitators, are severely punished. No one wants a replay of the present mess.

The “present mess” has been caused by Jew lobbiests and billionaires, such as yourselves, thwarting any and all attempts by the American people to stop the flow of non-White aliens into this country.

This is not complicated: We don’t let them in, and if they get in, we send them back. Period.

That is the policy the people want. That is the just policy. That is the policy that a real “democracy” – rule by the people – would make happen.

Whatever the precise provisions of a law, it’s time for the House to draft and pass a bill that reflects both our country’s humanity and its self-interest. Differences with the Senate should be hammered out by members of a conference committee, committed to a deal.

No. Your parasite “humanity” and self-interest are no concern of ours. The American people have a right to decide whether or not their entire heritage and nation is destroyed by an invading horde of non-Whites. This decision is not yours, it is not that of politicians – it is the decision of me and my brothers and sisters – the White working people of the United States of America – the descendants of those who built this great nation with blood, sweat and tears.

And we have said “no.”








We don’t not want this, and we will not allow it.

This is our country. Our ancestors bled that we might inherit it.

You have no say here.

A Congress that does nothing about these problems is extending an irrational policy by default; that is, if lawmakers don’t act to change it, it stays the way it is, irrational. The current stalemate — in which greater pride is attached to thwarting the opposition than to advancing the nation’s interests — is depressing to most Americans and virtually all of its business managers. The impasse certainly depresses the three of us.

Signs of a more productive attitude in Washington — which passage of a well-designed immigration bill would provide — might well lift spirits and thereby stimulate the economy. It’s time for 535 of America’s citizens to remember what they owe to the 318 million who employ them.

I will not argue that our congress is capable. Clearly, it is not. But in some small measure, on such extreme issues as this invasion plot of you billionaires, it does still represent us, in that we simply will not allow it to do something this evil to our people.

You are clearly advocating executive action against the will of the people to do something which clear amounts not simply to economic collapse, but to genocide.

Sheldon, Warren and Bill: This is treason, and you deserve the same fate as any other traitor to this nation.

Know this: We will not stand for it.

Despite your attmpts to break us down, to slaughter us, we will fight.

No retreat.

No surrender.

America resists.

We beat Mexico once.  We'll do it again.
We beat Mexico once. We’ll do it again.

Hail Victory.