Three Enwords Accused of Murdering Young White Man for $1,000 of Weed

Left to right: Isiah Hart, Kalib Jones and Raschad Windham.

We’re not being told whether the lad was selling weed to the blacks or was just a victim of theft.

But obviously, they knew he had a lot of weed on him somehow.

That’s not a good position to be in.

Jackson Sun:

A Weakley County Grand Jury indicted three men with first-degree murder charges, accusing them of killing a 23-year-old man while stealing marijuana from him.

Martin police found Luke Greene dead in a Meadowbrook Lane residence while responding to a call around 2:20 a.m. on May 11. Greene had suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

The grand jury stated Sept. 3 that Raschad Windham, 21, of Martin, Kalib Jones, 20, of Scotts Hill, and Isaiah Hart, 20, of Lexington allegedly killed Greene while attempting to steal about one-quarter pound of marijuana, valued at about $1,000.

The men are each charged with two counts of first-degree murder, one count of especially aggravated robbery and one count of misdemeanor theft.

Luke Greene.