Tom Brady to Lose Big After Investing Hugely in FTX Shitcoin (For Some Reason)

I knew Tom Brady was a paid shill for FTX, but I never would have imagined that he was hilted in FTX’s house shitcoin.

Apparently, this guy put in more than half a billion dollars into this goofy Ponzi scheme.

What a totally bizarre financial decision.

His dumb bitch ex-wife is getting screwed as well.


This whole collapse was the result of the Jew of FTX trying to mess with CZ, the Chinese owner of Binance, and getting slapped down like a bitch.

For those who don’t understand what has happened and care to only understand it on a surface level, this is a thread on Twitter that gives the basic facts:

There is no reason to believe this is going to have any long-term impact on Bitcoin, or even other shitcoins. Most likely, it’s gonna bounce back.

That is not financial advice, and no one ever knows what is going to happen with crypto, but a bounce-back is statistically the most likely thing that will happen.

Poor Tom.

You know what they say – with Jews, you lose!

Sam Bankman-Fried was the second biggest donor to the Democrat Party – second to George Soros himself.

It’s funny that the most Jewy Jew did this to the market, but it’s also funny that a genius Chinaman did the Art of War to the Jew and won.

When will these rats learn not to poke the yellow dragon?