Tommydrama Intensifies: Supporters’ Money Going Up the Noses of Foreign Jews

Daily Stormer
July 23, 2019

The great man has gone down. Who will inherit his kingdom?

With Tommy in prison, the struggle over the “great man’s” legacy is turning into a daily drama, but whether it is comedy or tragedy no one can yet say. Goy and Jew are fighting fiercely over the future of the Tommy movement. So far, Jews seem to have the upper hand.

Avi Yemini – short Australian Jew and Tommy’s main handler.

The official Tommy Inc. operation is being run by a short Australian Jew called Avi Yemini, who has been appointed Tommy’s official spokesperson and is simply booting out anyone who talks back to the Chosen. Dr. Brian of London Tel Aviv also seems to have some kind of managerial influence behind the scenes.

Tommy being handled by his handlers, Avi and Ezra.

This isn’t going down so well with those who have been in the trenches with Tommy. They’re asking why it is that a British anti-Islam movement is being run by people who don’t actually live in Britain, or even Europe, and why they all seem to be of a certain ethnicity.

There has also been talk of these Jews deriving, let’s say, “improper”  benefits from their Tommy connection.

Lucy Brown, a former insider in the Tommy camp, who has recently been shut out of the movement due to heresies unspecified, had a YouTube chat today with Morgoth of Morgoth’s Review. Apparently, much of the money being contributed by Tommy’s hard-pressed working-class supporters is being transmuted into cocaine then vanishing up the noses of foreign Jews.

“Avi Yemini’s just got into trouble for throwing a chopping board at his wife. And I know there’s a lot of cocaine going on behind the scenes. And I just think that’s thousands of pounds of potentially the money that people are giving you because they’re living in areas that have been so affected by mass immigration and that anyone talking about it they see as a hero, and then you’re going to just go and waste all of that up your nose.”

“A lot of Tommy supporters are now starting to question why we have to all be pro-Israel.”

Meanwhile, another Tommy movement veteran, a YouTuber who goes by the name Secret Sources, has been exposing the true roots of the “English” Defence League. According to her, the whole thing was conceived and funded by American Ziocons.

Is any of this penetrating Tommy’s consciousness? Presumably, in solitary at Belmarsh, he’ll be denied access to the usual intoxicants and should therefore be able to think more lucidly about things. Maybe he’ll come out a changed man and boldly name the Jew.

So far, however, there is absolutely no sign that Tommy intends to deviate from the path mapped out for him by his foreign handlers. He even has a new documentary forthcoming called “Shalom” about an old Jew that died or something. Lol. Europe is being invaded by Moslems and Tommy makes a documentary about an old Jew in Israel. And who has been working on the documentary with him? None other than the Caolan Robertson and George Llewelyn-John so memorably exposed by Milo.

As the drama intensifies, the Jews must be wondering whether they can still keep a lid on these “unfortunate” eruptions of Goyim Knowing within the Tommy camp. If not, they may just decide to try and roll the whole operation up as being no longer worth their investment. As with other Jewish-spawned movements that later spun out of control, however – such as Communism and Islam – the Jews may find this one has taken on a life of its own.


Avi has offered the Stormer a typically cerebral response to the accusations made against him.