Top Rabbi: Gentile Children have Sex with Dogs

Rev. Ted Pike
August 6, 2013

Rabbi Boruch Lesches.
Rabbi Boruch Lesches.

Rabbi Boruch Lesches is a recognized leader within the global and influential Chabad (Orthodox Jewish) movement and former head rabbi of Sydney, Australia. He said in a recent interview:

“…goyyim” began having sex “from the age of five.”  Poor “goyyim,” Leches claimed, have “nothing else to do in life, [and therefore are] only thinking 24 hours about sex” with each other, members of their own families – and, Leches claimed, with “dogs.”

Lesches is now chief rabbi of Chabad’s main synagogue in Monsey, New York. He is an internationally respected authority on Halachic (Talmudic) law.

His remarks were made in a legally recorded interview with Fairfax Media in Australia and provided to Australian detectives. The interview was in response to charges that, while head of Chabad’s Sydney Yeshivah College 21 years ago, Lesches knew of an active pedophile teacher but did nothing except warn that, unless he controlled his urges, both he and the 11-year-old student he raped would be removed. The teacher then went on to molest at least three other young Jewish students. He was never reported to police by Lesches or Yeshiva College. Rabbi Lesches stated there is a good possibility however, that the child was not as innocent as he might seem and may have consented to the act of sodomy.

This reminds me of another rabbi, Yoel Malkin, arrested last January in New York City for sexually violating three boys. He claimed it was he who was the victim of attacks by young Jewish boys wanting to be sodomized.

Jewish Activist Criticizes Rabbi Lesches

Manny Waks, Australian Jewish anti-pedophile activist and head of Tzedek, an advocacy group for victims of Jewish child abuse, comments:

Tzedek strongly condemns and is appalled by the callous views and behaviour of Rabbi Baruch Lesches… If Rabbi Lesches was indeed aware of the allegations that children under Yeshiva’s care had been assaulted and raped by a person known to him, his behaviour is both immoral and unfathomable… It is offensive and irresponsible to suggest that an 11-year-old child could have consented to sexual activity with someone 10 years his senior – in fact Australian law has always deemed such behaviour to be statutory rape. The alleged callous response of Rabbi Lesches to the claims – threatening to expel the victims as well as the perpetrators out of Yeshivah – is completely incomprehensible. It suggests he was blaming the vulnerable and innocent children for the horrible crimes that had been committed against them. It also indicates that the Rabbi did not care about the safety and well-being of anyone else outside his immediate community… It is disingenuous to suggest that Rabbi Lesches’ views are those of a fringe minority. Similar offensive comments and views have been expressed by numerous senior Orthodox Jewish figures throughout the world, not just Australia…

Waks then lists five rabbis worldwide who, like Lesches, found reasons why rabbinic pedophiles should not be removed or punished. He continues:

For this reason Tzedek stands by its original statement that Rabbi Lesches’ comments were “consistent with the approach of many senior orthodox Jewish figures in the community”… Lesches is a recognised leader within the global and influential Chabad movement and not a fringe figure as some are suggesting. He served as head of Yeshivah Sydney for 20 years and was Rabbi of the Australian capital for 25 years. Rabbi Lesches is now the morad’asra (senior rabbi and community leader) of Chabad’s main synagogue in Monsey, New York, and is often called on to act as a posek (decider of halakha, Jewish law) for Chabad followers worldwide… There is credible evidence that the covering up of criminal behaviour in both the Melbourne and Sydney ultra-Orthodox communities led to additional children being sexually abused by perpetrators who were known to authority figures in the schools.”

Jewish Pedophilia Begins in the Talmud

According to Rabbi Nochum Rosenberg, advocate for abused Jewish children, one of every five ultra-Orthodox children has been sexually violated. Such are primarily victims of trusted rabbis and teachers in Jewish religious schools. He says one pedophile teacher in a Yeshiva school can molest up to 20 to 30 boys per semester.

Why are the religious and educational elite pedophiles? It is largely because they, not the laity, are familiar with the Talmud’s many encouragements of sex with minors – especially baby girls to the age of three years and a day. (See, Pedophilia: The Talmud’s Dirty Secret)

The Talmud is the immoral “smoking gun” that no Jewish person including even Jewish advocates for children dares mention. To do so would be to be concede that Jesus was right: Modern Talmudic Judaism, the invention of the ancient Pharisees whom Jesus excoriated, is indeed “full of all uncleanness” (Matt. 23:27).

In Australia, Jewish sex abuse, especially in Chabad Yeshiva colleges and high schools in both Sydney and Melbourne, has received wide publicity. As a result, efforts are being made by Jewish leaders and organizations to distance themselves from the ever-widening scandal. They assert pedophilia is an aberration within Orthodox Judaism of unknown causes. It does not originate with or reflect “the exalted ethics of Judaism.”

In reality, as long as the Talmud exists, the plague of rampant pedophilia among those most familiar with the Talmud will continue. Jewish writer Herman Wouk said in his book This is My God that the Talmud is “the circulating heart’s blood of the Jewish religion.” The Talmud is the lifeblood of Judaism; it is also the life blood of Jewish pedophilia.